Watch the final Wonder Woman movie trailer


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Lynda, not Linda.


Wonder Woman: I’m Diana, princess of —

Guy: Prince. Her name is Diana Prince.

Other guy: Yes, that’s clearly what she said her name was.

Everyone else: Yes, I heard it that way, too.


I am looking forward-ish to it. I am a bit behind on my DC movies.

To be frank, I love the DC universe, and the earlier films. Lately they are stuck in something like an 80s grimdark malaise. They are taking the material too seriously, and ignoring what made the source material great. They continue to mute all the colors, which is one of the whole reason comics are awesome. This made some sense with Batman, but Superman and Wonder Woman are known for their bright attire.

I want it to do well mainly so they will keep trying, but I hope they look at the recent success of Marvel (which in the past couldn’t make a good movie if their life depended on it.) and re-invent the DC movie-verse and make it better.


Looks fun. I just hope DC manages to not screw this one up too much.


With all due respect, why?
When you first saw “Batman” as rendered by Michael Keaton, did you also wish that it was Adam West fighting crime in Gotham City?


Of course! I kept wondering why there were no “POW!” “BAM!” “OUCH!” etc. flashing onto the screen.

Of course, I was five in 1989, so…


Then mentioning that I’m sure folks might’ve been disappointed with Christopher Reeve playing “Superman” on the big screen rather than George Reeves would be pointless. But I went ahead anyway, because I’m human and we do that sort of thing.


“If you chose to leave you may never return”

Roger That!


Ugh, that song.

Looks good others ways. Maybe this time DC manages to make a good movie.


The only good thing in Superman vs Batman was the moment after Wonder Woman gets knocked back when she gets up and has a wry smile on her face as if to say “finally, a good fight!”.


It’s also spelled “Wonder Womyn.”

ETA: that’s a joke. Lynda Carter is awesome.
ETAA: and so is feminism.


I’ve seen just enough of the last batch to decide I’m just going to wait for the next reboot cycle.


I am really hoping you understand the context of that scene.


That is how she happens to spell her first name, after she changed it legally from the more common “Linda”. You needn’t be rude about it.


Twas just a joke! I love Lynda Carter.


Really? And just how am I supposed to figure that out?


SERIOUSLY! One of the best moments in ANY superhero flick, not just the craptastic DoJ.

Gal Gadot just chewed up screen time every moment she had.

And while I actually like both Affleck as Batman and Cavill as Supes, I could not get past the terrible dialogue they both had to deal with!!!


Perhaps because Carter was amazing and stunning and fantastic and there is a certain nostalgia to it? I was giddy at seeing her in Sky High and saying “I’m not Wonder Woman.”


I was trying to construct a joke around the idea of Wonder Woman as a feminist icon and the spelling substitutions some feminists prefer for certain words, but I think this is one of those “if you have to explain it it’s not funny” situations.

Quite possibly it wasn’t as funny a joke as I intended. Clarification added.