Check out the new Wonder Woman trailer

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Was that Jason Bourne, in the beginning? Man, Robert Ludlum is just getting the wildest ideas. Did he run out of evil governments?


Hey, it can’t suck any harder than Batman v Superman. When you’ve hit Snyder bottom, the only way left to go is up!

Only thing I’m a little bothered by is an Israeli playing a Greek, but at least she ain’t American, British or Australian. Progress!

So has the manbaby brigade begun panning it yet?


No, but you can bet they will once they find out they made the main character a woman.


Not enough satin. Childhood = ruined.


She is a “wonderful woman”.

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Two questions: (1) Why World War I? (2) Why do all these trailers look and sound alike?

  1. Because Captain America already did WWII.
  2. Christopher Nolan, probably.

Same reason all movie posters copy A New Hope. Studio marketing departments are extreme conservative.

To quote myself…Someone please take away trailer composers’ electronic drum kits before the coming attractions becomes nothing but a roll of drumsplosions.


At least it didn’t have the hawk-cry-signifying-wilderness in it. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be in the film.


Amazonions are Greek legend, I do not believe they are ethnic Greeks for certain. I believe they explicitly are encountered as “foreigners” by Greek heroes.


:heavy_check_mark:︎ Period piece set during World War
:heavy_check_mark:︎ Superhero with super strength and reflexes
:heavy_check_mark:︎ Red & blue uniform with monogram and bird-wing detailing
:heavy_check_mark:︎ Mysterious bulletproof shield

Yeah, I think I’m good already.


I was wondering the same thing. (if anyone wants to know why manbabies exist, I highly recommend the ‘Why Are You So Angry?’ series of videos, produced by Innuendo Studios. It’s a deeply insightful explanation. I was surprised to see just how apt a descriptor manbaby is for this group of people. )


I just watched Batman vs Superman last night and there is no way I am watching anything derived from that movie.


It’s interesting to see how frantically the studio has been scrambling to make Suicide Squad look as different as possible from Batman vs Superman in the promotional materials.

Here’s a promotional image released before BvS hit theaters, with the now-standard desaturated “dark and gritty” look that’s permeated the last couple of DC movies:

And here’s a promotional image released after the critical consensus that BvS was a joyless slog:

It’s like Warner Bros. is desperately screaming “Wait, come back everybody! Honest, this one’s gonna be a fun comic-book movie!!”


“I just watched Star Trek: the Motion Picture last night and there is no way I am watching anything more from that series.”

Wait for the reviews to come in, at least, before making up your mind.


Its more than I was never into comic books as a kid, but I can enjoy the alien invasion aspect of a movie like Superman. But when they just suddenly invent a character like Wonder Woman who just happens to be catching a flight nearby and who just happens to have super powers for no apparent reason, I just disengage from the story.

She wasn’t needed there anyway. It was just a lead in to the next movie which will no doubt have big CGI monsters who die in the last five minutes, etc.


Perhaps it’s a silly thing to get upset over, but it bothers the hell out of me when people use periods in lists of assorted words. Like the image of the trailer where it says “POWER. GRACE. WISDOM. WONDER.” This seems to be quite prevalent in advertising. None of those words are sentences, or even in sentences, so they do neither require nor benefit from such punctuation!

I suspect that advertisers engage in this war against syntax because they are bullshit artists who are reluctant to make any specific claims about their product, so instead resort to a usingdisconnected jumble of evocative-sounding words or phrases which doesn’t say anything specific.

InB4 “witty” one-word “reply”!


I’ve had no interest in seeing any of the DC movies – until now.

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