Director of Wonder Woman on why the word "cheesy" is banned from her world


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I really like her point about sincerity, but for me “cheesy” always meant “a cheap or cliched expression of sincerity.” It’s not necessarily a bad thing, either.


What’s wrong with cheesy? Some of my favorite movies have healthy doses of cheese.

Such as Army of Darkness and this memorable scene.


Anybody remember September 12, 2001? Irony was dead, remember? We’re all 100% sincere now.


First women-only screenings, now word bannings? Is this movie actively courting an alt-right reaction/prgressive counter-reaction viral marketing strategy? :wink:


I have an odd idea. If you are in the business of making superhero movies make ones that entertain us and leave the social messages and commentary on the dance floor. Really, we mainly want a fun ride from this genre.
If you want to make a film that awakens people socially then do that. Never whistle while you’re pissing.
That said, I’m looking forward to this movie.


I’m not familiar with this Army of Darkness, but isn’t the line Klaatu burada [nikto]?


This is the heart of the powerful, urgent message that the world needs to learn from RuPaul’s Drag Race.


Superhero stories, from Gilgamesh to Herakles to the historical Thor to the Marvel one, have always been about both social messaging and a fun ride. There’s a reason Stan Lee knows mythology so well.

Like Sir Philip Sidney said: the purpose of literature is to teach and delight. Can’t have one without the other. To state otherwise is and always will be disingenuous.


Yes and no.

The original movie this phrase is from is The Day the Earth Stood Still, and it was “Klaatu barada nikto.”

In Army of Darkness, though, it appears he did say “verada”. Whether that was intentional or not, I don’t know (ie scripted vs mispronounced). I have seen both “barada” and “verada” as quotes.

In this case, the meme above CAME from Bruce Campbell, so I am going to defer to him on which is correct.

Play the video at 1/4 speed, I think it is a “V”.


I think there is perhaps a difference between retelling the age old hero’s journey and a superhero movie. I also think there is a difference between the mediums of written and cinematic works. Sure, the comic book format lends itself well to moral dilemma and social commentary but who walks out of a superhero movie excited about that scene where the movie commented on a social problem?

I think Sir Philip Sidney is right but a movie is not literature. In my view, the true function of action movies is the same as that of the circus — to thrill and entertain us. No deeper meaning is needed.


You should familiarise yourself, it’s a blast :slight_smile:
And I should rewatch…


Don’t go see Wonder Woman then, its chock full of deep meaning. Its so good I’m going to see it again in the theatre!

Also just need to add, what is “thrilling and entertaining” to one is oppression and subjugation to another. In my opinion, all entertainment should have deeper meanings. Just my 2 cents.


I got excited the other day, on Netflix I only saw part of a banner that said:


Oh - Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness - sweet, I could see that again even though I have the DVD somewhere.

Then I scrolled over and it was Bruce Willis in Armageddon.

Oh :disappointed:


I like this woman. She seems really awesome. Makes me even more excited to see her product.


I’m glad DC pulled out of the rut. I was just hoping the plot was decent. I was going to wait but now will probably go for it.


The progenitor of the blockbuster superhero movie, “Star Wars”, emerged in large part from Joseph Campbell’s analysis of the hero’s journey. That series also contains its share of (admittedly muddled) social commentary.

The problem I have is when social commentary is dropped into an action/superhero/SF movie without any real connection to the plot or the characters’ behaviour or when a bunch of conflicting social messages are sprinkled in to pander to everyone (Nolan does this a bit in his Batman movies). Fortunately, it doesn’t sound like this is happening with “Wonder Woman.”


Its good. Really good.
Its not cheesy, Thor is cheesy, this is more tongue in cheek + serious action, seriously go with a large group of women and girls if you can, the shrieking over the action is amazing.


LOL. If that were an option…


…do you live in a monastery?