Wonder Woman, live action (very) short film


Call me crazy, but I still think Wonder Woman should have an outfit that can stop a bullet to the upper part of her torso, and that provides some leg protection as well.

Although maybe it’s just because Halloween is coming, and I’m thinking, that costume is amazing, but do I really want to shave my legs?


Dammit, I got chills.

Screw Hollywood.

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OH HELL! Why is this not already being made into a full length feature? I loved this! Wow… I am just amazed. Great stuff here!


I really thought she’d bounce the bullet back into the bandit’s forehead for symmetry’s sake.


I don’t think it is plagiarism to repeat myself, right? Here is what I said over at io9 when I first saw this posted.

So I watched the TV Wonder Woman pilot. Kind of funny but also sweet… One of the things that was clear is that Linda Carter and the writer’s didn’t just see her as a man with a skirt. At 16;16 Cloris Leachman, her mother, talks about the evil of male ways., women treated as slave,s but also a hint of something else that men brought to the table.

Here is a link to the show. Want to get nostalgic? Listen to the opening song and note the lyrics.

But the whole thing about a race of Warrior women who are also smart? Fair? And don’t believe in hurting people? That would be refreshing. Especially instead of, “Let’s beat the bad people up.” world that male superheroes writers have created.

What Linda Carter said in a comment about the character was interesting. Her quote:

I’ve often tried not to say that, but I think it’s the truth. It’s
like, ‘Hellooooo guys, get a female that understands what that’s all
about.’ You look at any society that suppresses women, and it’s
violent. Look around the world. … There’s a humanity that they’re
missing. There’s got to be a sweetness, a kindness, a goodness in the
character. The rest takes care of itself."


Doesn’t the logo look a bit like a stripper spreading her legs? Sorry if you can’t unsee that folks, someone pointed it out to me and I thought I’d share the pain.

Who throws a spear like that

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Someone on Kotaku yesterday mentioned how it’s more of an OB-GYN–related scenario, stirrups etc.

Soooo… another “gritty” superhero reboot with a slobbery helping of Zac Snyder slo-mo porn.

Linda Carter or GTFO.


My WW Origin story idea:
Some of those Kryptonians (from the latest film) that landed on Earth several thousand years ago got in an epic struggle with men, and were killed off, but one Kryptonian woman mated with a human male, who then spirited away their daughter to a remote island. Thus, the race of Amazonians is born. Occasionally, they take in a human to procreate, but otherwise are (rightly) fearful of the humans.

In short: Wonder Woman is 1/8th Kryptonian. Cheezy? Yes. Blasphemy? Probably. Would the studios eat it up? Yes.

I think the term you’re looking for is “spread eagle.”

Her bracers can stop bullets, at least that’s how it is in the original. She’s always had kind of a weird grab bag of superhero accessories. Bulletproof bracers, truth extracting lasso, invisible jet, and none of it gets “Wonder Woman” branding like you see with Batman’s accessories. Well, maybe the Jet is, but you can’t tell since it is invisible.


Gwendoline Christie has ruined me, I will accept nothing less. I just don’t buy these lingerie-model warriors anymore.


The problem with Gwendoline Christie for the role is that nobody would ever be foolish enough to assume she’d be easy to take in a fight.

Lucy Lawless would have been perfect for the role if they’d made the film about 10 years ago. She’s even voice-acted the part for an animated movie.


As long as it isn’t as bad as that godawful TV Pilot that got leaked a few years ago I’ll be happy. Or at least not completely mortified.

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I didn’t watch the pilot, but the production stills made it pretty clear that the Wonder Woman costume they used for the recent reboot effort appeared to be of lower quality than many off-the-shelf halloween costumes.

Yeah, it had a nice “Pleather” or vinyl look to it. Plus, spandex leg covering. They want to go spandex they need to go “tactical kevlar” like Black Window. After all they have science on Paradise Island. The stealth Jet! I love that it is stealth for everything but her. I would think they could make a material out of the bracelets light enough to work, but different colors for the legs and chest.

The pilot’s costume was a joke. Take a look at these two screenshots and guess which one is from an honest to god network TV pilot, and which is from a low budget porn parody:


Holy cow. I see two costume designers who need to trade jobs.