Classic superhero bodies photoshopped for believability



I can see the point of the Photoshop but I’m not sure I agree with it entirely. They’re looking at it as if superheroes were normal people and not athletic types. There are some characters where their body isn’t drawn realistically but either way they aren’t going to be chubby, for the most part at least.

Most of the extreme examples of ridiculous body types is usually going to be the skinny bimbo female characters.


Agreed. If you want to say these characters should be more muscular with thicker, trunk-like waists, that’s one thing. But to say Batman makes more sense with fat rolls over his belt is pretty dumb.


My perception of people/figures has to be off. I had to read the description before I managed to see the differences.

Because when I think “superheroes”, I think “realistic”.

Although I suppose if I were going for believability, I’d use something like this as a model:


i get what they’re trying to do, but i think a better way to approach it would be to just make the womens’ breasts smaller, their waists more in line with their hips and their legs shorter. that’s actually how most extremely fit women look. (note that i said “most”. i’ve spent a lot of time around really fit people)


I always liked the DC character Amanda Waller, a woman so tough she can stare-down the Batman. I am not pleased with the revised character design that makes her thin and sexy.


Black Widow, Batman and Poison Ivy have all been altered to a point where they are probably overweight. This can’t be the “positive rolemodel” kids need, what with obesity and diabetes forming a serious problem in our society…

Besides, these are superheroes who train their bodies for a large portion of the day. There is no way they have a “spare tire” like the average Joe or Jane has.

I get the point they are trying to make, but they’ve chosen the one group of people who actually look more realistic (for as far as a comicbook drawing is realistic) by looking less “normal”.


The problem is, these aren’t real people - they’re comics, i.e. caricatures. And caricatures exaggerate normal human features for purposes of illustration, because all they have to work with is a static, 2-dimensional format. A 2-D illustration of a person provides a highly diluted impression of encountering the same person in real life, so to have a similar impact the illustration needs to exaggerate prominent features - height, a barrel chest, massive upper arms, a slender waist, long legs, full lips, etc. Photographic models are chosen because they are human caricatures that look good in 2-D, even though they’re absurdly thin in person. And why do you think movie stars tend to have unusually large heads in proportion to their bodies with big eyes and mouths?

It’s not the comics or photos of models that make bulimics starve themselves - it’s their OCD.


Now this is a totally unrealistic body…someone ought to photoshop this caricature with an extra 40 pounds…won’t someone think of the children??


Ugh. I agree with Christopher_Jensen 100%.
I’d love to see comic book ladies with more ‘realistic’ proportions, however to me that doesn’t mean they need to look like they’ve been living on big macs and milkshakes.


Totally agree on this one. The JLU version of Waller was an awesome character. This redesign is awful.

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I personally think every lady is sexier on the adjusted image. IMO


They could have at least made the bodysuit more realistically form fitting and added seams. Psylocke still has the miraculous latex that cups her underboob.

Those photos by Schatz are fascinating to to look at. I’ve never seen those before.

agreed. I find the shopped women more attractive. Any ladies out there care to comment on Batman’s shopped physique?


Disappointing ideas in this thread so far: women with waists larger than the width of their heads are “obese” (as opposed to possessing internal organs), the adjusted female figures are better because they are “sexier” and “more attractive” (we all know what really matters around here is the male gaze).


[enter link description here][1]I think that they tried to make Batman more like Adam West


I dunno what ppl are complaining about w/the shooped batman.

The unshopped one is a bodybuilder, the shopped one is a strongman. The bodybuilder isn’t flexible enough to do all the martial arts & acrobatics a batman needs, the strongman can be. The bodybuilder doesn’t have the stamina to do al the batman things, the strongman would be.

A roll of fat round the middle doesn’t mean squat.


Better would be to use actual strongman physiques