Can you figure out what's wrong with this picture of a half-naked 16 year-old girl with breast implants the size of her head?



This has been going on forever in comics, though.

I was kind of astonished recently after going on a Comixology binge (and having two twin daughters as of 2 years ago) that even recent, modern comics are pretty much still all tits and ass on the female characters to an absurd degree.


I guess I didn’t notice it as a teenager (heh) in the 80’s but as a grown-ass man it is kind of embarrassing to me now that we still sexualize women so aggressively in comics.


I don’t read comics, but that looks like a 23-year-old supermodel, not a 16-year-old superhero. Also, one small thing from the original article:

The team’s one character of color is off in the background

No, it looks like there’s one right there in the foreground. Poor Beast Boy, we know it’s not easy being green…


From the looks of his legs, it also appears that they gave him rickets.


A skin full of chlorophyll plays havoc with your vitamin-D production.


Which is why it’s important to speak out about it now and trigger a change in the culture. The sooner the better.


The whole image kinda has the impression of being drawn by four different artists who didn’t work very hard to keep their art styles similar.


A woman is being harassed on the Internet - must be a day with a “Y” in it. It gets so damn tiring.

This documentary filmmaker is running a Kickstarter, and thanks to a few obsessives on 4chan, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube, both of the filmmakers, the documentary participants, and many of the Kickstarter backers are being harassed and doxed.


I’m not sure there isn’t more wrong with that description.

She’s not exactly half-naked, being like 4/5 covered, and both of those boobs put together would be flat-out making up 1/2 the volume of her head.

Actual head-sized breasts are way outside the bell curve, and rather off-putting on someone who isn’t obese…
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Eh? Wut? That pic was perfectly SFW, WTF?


Can you figure out what’s wrong with this picture of a half-naked 16 year-old girl with breast implants the size of her head?

Umm…too much eyeliner?


What powers does this version of Wonder Girl have? If she can defy gravity, perhaps her breasts can too.


I read the article, there are some valid points, then I started to read the responses from the readers there. Granted not nearly all of them, but the top 25 at least, none of which were boyrage or misogynistic.

There was also a comparison with the 1980’s version of #1 Teen Titans which was “even worse”.

This whole thing reeks of click bait, but being a comics nerd I had to read :smile:

  1. Do people really jerk off to comic books? When I was 15, I was only good at two things: jerking off and reading comic books. I never thought to combine the two. Comics never really did it for me.

  2. Even when I was fifteen, I recognized that real girls don’t have bodies like that. I’m not sure if it’s even physically possible.

  3. Comics provide grossly unrealistic depictions of men as well. They aren’t as blatantly sexualized, but I’m pretty sure there are often muscles where muscles shouldn’t be. Despite my time in the gym, I’ve been unable to live up to the ideal.

  4. What the hell is wrong with people? I love comics, but it’s absurd to argue with the fact that women are overly sexualized in them. I suspect that lots of guys who have never had the chance to actually touch a girl are taking out their frustrations on those brazen enough to have an opinion online.


Well since one of my jokes seems to have been deleted, I’ll say, seriously, that people being upset about this kind of thing seems totally incongruous with the massive sexualization of almost every aspect of our society. Comic books? Really? This affects a very small demographic, when compared to what is heard on FM radio nowadays. Does anyone call out Rhianna, or Britney, or Kei$ha, or the veritable army of female singers who, with their music, tell teenaged girls every day that their whole worth is in their sexuality? That their ability to bring all the boys to the yard with their milkshake will be what enables them to engage with the world and have a voice and get ahead in life? What about the television shows like Pretty LIttle Liars and how teenaged girls are portrayed, as if expected to all act like little Lindsay Lohans and Kim Kardashians and Paris Hiltons. Here’s a great example: My Neighbor Totoro. I’m sure most of us here have seen the original. Did anyone see the “revoiced” version, with Dakota Fanning and some other thoroughly American teenager? Their voices, their deliveries of the lines, their flip, snotty, snarky attitudes throughout utterly ruined the movie. That’s what wrong with the roles Media is foisting on young people nowadays: it’s telling them to act like oversexed, bossy, entitled little creeps. Just like most adults.


You think that’s on the cards? I don’t think we’re looking at a crook culture in comics per se; I’d say it’s a more general malaise at work here.

I can’t see eradicating overly-sexualised depictions of women in a hurry… it’s just another way for those in the business of selling stuff to press hindbrain buttons in order to sell more stuff.

So if we’re not gonna tackle capitalism along the way, I’d say the best we can hope for would be that this sort of tripe is representative of a shrinking majority as diversity in the genre flourishes… and correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that what we’re seeing these days?

I’m far more concerned about the disgusting reaction when people, particularly women, criticise this stuff - I’d say that’s indicative of the long-term effect of hands-off government that refuses to show any sort of leadership on social issues because it might get in the way of the stinking rich draining even more wealth from the populace.

Those who don’t get their cues from authority are likely to figure out decency for themselves, but what role models do most plebs have? What does society reward, and what does it punish?

Let me just offer one example to point out how very broken things are: Rob Ford.


It goes without saying that the reactions to her critique are grossly inappropriate disgusting, but the substance of that critique is legitimately debatable.

breasts the size of her head (seriously, line that stuff up, each breast is the same size as her face) popping out of her top

It’s true that each breast is about the same size as her face, but heads are quite a bit larger than faces. Inviting the comparison highlights the exaggeration of “size of her head.” They don’t look to me to be “popping out,” either, but about as restrained as they can get in a strapless top. Which, as she points out, is a ridiculous thing to run around fighting crime in.

Those are implants. On a teenaged superheroine. Natural breasts don’t have that round shape (sorry, boys).

Thanks for the condescending implication that we don’t know what real breasts look like, but again, these are bound by her outfit. If they stayed that way when she took it off then maybe you could make assumptions about their artificiality, but since she’s an underaged teenager that’s not going to happen.

The rest of it is not off-base. I personally wouldn’t bother analyzing a semi-competent unimpressive comic cover in that detail, but to each her own.


Well actually, she looks quite plausible. Some fraction of a percent of women actually look like that without any surgery.

You obviously haven’t done enough research on the subject :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they’re both Polish though; I gather that just might be a factor somehow… that area of the world seems to punch above its weight by quite a bit in this area.

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Comics never really did it for me.

Damn you, Comics Code Authority!


Not forgetting any newspaper’s website comments section anywhere, ever. Or, you know, just outside where there’s other people. I got jeered at by absolute strangers a couple days back for checking the kid gouching out by the phone box was in fact just the proud previous owner of some really good heroin, and not actually just dead, and buying him some lunch.


She can make 16-year old boys drool…amongst other things.