Battle of the butt-in-the-air arachnid superheroes




That one doesn’t have quite the epic amount of crack the first one does. Maybe the poor woman has inflamed hemorrhoids?

Though it is true there is tons of art of Spidey waving his ass in the air like he just don’t care.


curl | sed s/Love/Butt/g

(or, "get the lyrics from the URL and replace all instances of Love with Butt. The song then gets pretty close to the topics. I originally wanted to paraphrase it but even with just a simple substitution it makes quite sense.)

Does he actually care?


Looks almost like he’s wearing nothing at all.


I liked .

Is anyone actually saying “Haylookit Spider-Man is a woman now” , like they were with Thor?


Wait, Manara is an erotica illustrator (and a damn good one at that). What the hell is he doing in the superhero comics field!?

Edit: well I suppose it’s Marvel finally admitting what they’ve always pretended to deny, that women in superhero comics are undercover softcore porn for teenagers?


We <3 Manara!


Spider man has a pretty nice ass.


He didn’t have a bunch of rabid Feminists poring over his work to justify their worldview.

Female depictions in comic books tend to be rather gratuitous. This is a poor example.


It kinda looks like he phoned this one in though.


Yeah. And Spiderman is humping a snot ball full of lawyers. Spiderbabe is just flashing her vajayjay at Citibank.


The reason is obvious. The male body is not a sex symbol, and therefore Spiderman’s pose is an action pose. That slut, on the other hand, is just asking for it. Was that so hard?


To be fair, we had to go all the way back to 1999 to find a comparable pose? I’m open to being shown I’m wrong btw. Plus, Spider Man is legitimately upside down here. Spider Femme there is supposed to be horizontal, but she seems to have some lordosis behaviour issues happening. It just looks like a poor effort from a normally good artist.


That’s what Spiderwoman said.



“Rabid feminists”? Geez. -1 for you.

Context is everything. If Spiderwoman was in that pose while having kicked some bad guys asses, then it would be less an issue. Here she is just posed this way for the obvious male gaze.


He’s got them in a white sticky ball of a substance he emits. Nothing vaguely sexual about that :wink:


Additionally, that pose would pretty much require her neck to be either ridiculously flexible or broken.



This is an issue I could really get behind.


Actually there is a big difference. His sternum is on the ground and so is the front of his pelvis. Her sternum is on the ground but her pelvis is way up at a much higher altitude. Her pelvis is so high she’s kneeling. His pelvis is so low he has to do a split and the insides of his thighs, not his knees, are touching the ground.

I wish people would stop presenting these poses as if they are the same.