Imaginary View-Master reel - Bakersfield, California 1977-78: Carol


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That’s the best website I’ve seen since The Internet K-hole.

Wow. Just stunning.

I miss Gweek!


I bought one of his “Apple Cabin Foods” calendars for a friend as a Christmas gift. My friend was very confused. Mission accomplished.


Oh dear gods, those Unwanted Thoughts! That needs a unicorn chaser. {shudder}


Having lived pretty close to the YC factory, this one hits very close to home.

I’d buy that


I’m really digging the fake '90s indie band show fliers. They look really believable at first (those band names are spot-on), then become more and more ridiculous the more you look at them:


Who, if not Sean, has the requisite wherewithal and perversity to actually generate a set of stereo-optical images that might make the $20 purchase of a cardboard VR headset worthwhile?!?

Please: take my money and give me a headache, I’m yours!


Look around you.


“Black Bear briefly adopts squirrel wrapped in ham” is the single funniest thing I think I have ever read on the internet. I laughed out loud for a solid 20 minutes, and even now seeing it again makes me chuckle. I should seek help.


Brilliant, hilarious.


I love those Apple Cabin Foods flyers. Shhh! It’s Chicken Whispers.


“UPDATE: remember puppies raised by trout? Bad news.”


I just bought a Google cardboard set on the recommendation of a co-worker - it’s a Valentine Gift for my hubbie. I went with a pre-made one; but there are templates for a DIY option.


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