Liartown USA's "Apple Cabin Foods" calendar, to benefit Reading Frenzy


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Shouldn’t lay them all out side-by-side like that, because you begin to notice it’s the same five jokes over and over. One page a month would be a lot more fun.


We get one every Saturday with the other circulars.


LiartownUSA consistently hits a rich vein of unnerving, bizarre pseudo-nostalgic humor I hadn’t seen since the likes of good old Look Around You. Scarfolk Council comes close.

Where was I?


I saw this on Tumblr last night and fell in love but $14.95 + undetermined international shipping? Kinda pricey for something I’m not actually going to use :-/

Apple Cabin Foods are the greatest though.


Always great, LiarTownUSA, but hard to beat his Social Justice Kittens calendar:


Vinegar Husbands – I understood that one.


Sweet Jesus in Grits, I’m gonna pitch the biscuits if I laugh any harder!

“Pier Buddies – Good Like Last Time!”

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