A visit to the crapgadget impulse aisle with Meh


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I have a soft spot for crapgadgets. During my first stretch living in Silicon Valley, one of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday was to get a friend to drive me to Fry’s and just buy a whole whack of stuff from the impulse aisle: stuff that some optimistic entrepreneur had made an unsuccessful bet on, sold off to a jobber, who then split it into lots that were sold on to import/export places that eventually dumped it into Fry’s: black-and-white digital cameras without a viewfinder (I called it the “point-and-pray”); stuffed bootleg Windows 2000 logo plushies; digital walkie-talkies that looked like the Incredible Hulk.


If you lived where it actually got cold you would appreciate such slippers.


I sense a reMeh to Tintera.


Ah yes, pointless and stupid consumerism at its finest.


Well that certainly explains the boingboing store…


@doctorow just FYI, your “Meh” link haz 404


Ohhh you got me! Took me a few paragraphs to realize this is a commercial. Well played.


Thank you!


The personal fogger really gave me a laugh. Truly a solution in search of a problem.


When Vaping isn’t enough…


The skates seem more stable to me than inline, but I challenge anyone to find a place where you can actually skate in Tijuana.


It’s not pointless, it’s all part of the junk’s cosmically meaningful journey to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch! /s

Hey, some people like to collect beautiful things to surround themselves with…and other people shop at Frys.


What? Who is that stupid?

Oh. Never mind.

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