Thanks for the box of worthless crap, Meh!


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My box of worthless crap was as advertised.

So “truth” in advertising isn’t a myth any longer?


This is one of those grab bag services like loot crate? Or one of those things like WOOT where they give you a good deal on something.

I hear that Blendtec is the shit. But really, I don’t blend food, and while I would love to try to blend shit you aren’t supposed to blend, ala their channel “Will it blend?”, that sounds both expensive and I would probably lose interest soon…


My daughter was given a Tinker Crate subscription for Christmas and it’s been excellent. When a new one shows up, she drops everything to put it together.


I think they are just sending crap to BoingBoing as part of their advertorial arrangement. Usually they are just a deal-of-the-day website.


like the fad says if you want to lie through your teeth you can as long as it does not penetrate the skin


May I just say that it’s weird to see the word “Meh” with an exclamation point after it? The two sentiments (apathy and emphasis) just don’t seem to fit well together in my mind.


Did you ever wonder what happens to folks who give bad reviews?

Just ask Andy Rooney.

Yes, I am old.


Wait… this is supposed to make me actually want to use this service? I have enough worthless crap in my life that I find difficult to get rid of. I don’t need curated artisinal crap as well.

I guess I’m just not the target audience here.


Their logo fails too - If it takes time to realise that it’s not an abstract design of 3 red blocks but actually a word I’d say you should go back to graphic designer school.


For hipster hoarders who are shut-ins and too indecisive to order from Amazon?


As long as you lose interest before you run out of stuff to blend.


Shipping costs just kill it for me though. :frowning:


Shouldn’t they have sent the worthless box of crap to the craphound?


Is this sponsored advertising or performance art?




I was getting that it was somehow -not- Byddhye Jevhawle’s will that it be worthless crap and hanging in at the end for it to be amazing in the garden or Shyamalan Insight Before Impending Injury (ICD11 to include de Mieville while waterskiing and teaching large dogs film crafts etc.) or something. Can you put one blender inside the oth…no? Ah.


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