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Wait, you use factory-made pixels? They probably aren’t even fair trade.


I can’t believe this post, of all of them, doesn’t expand to just say


I’ll sign up if it’s a dead tree one.


Probably just another thinly veiled attempt to peddle the crappy stuff from the BB/stacksocial store. I’m going to pass the opportunity to buy Lytro camera for cheap.



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I don’t think BB is planning to sell more valuable software bundles. But I can imagine that the more subscribers BB has, the more attractive they are to the advertisers. I’m going to sign up with my garbage email account, hoping it will help in the long run?

Brings up a thought… my family orders lots of amazon, and I click on enough links here to keep my amazon referral crumbs fresh. And I’m here multiple times a day. I wonder what else I can be doing to help, short of buying the crap marketers think we are going to buy?

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i’ll sign up, but does anyone else miss Jackhammer Jill?


Yeah… Boingboing clearly stealing IP from Weasels Ripped My Flesh.

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Why would this include things not on the site? I’m already a frequent reader, so having to visually weed out the things I’ve already seen from the site out of the newsletter just in hopes of finding some additional content seems perverse.

Edit: OK, so “perverse” is perhaps too pejorative of a word. Perhaps “mean” is more appropriate.
It seems counter-intuitive for a roll-up newsletter to include things not good enough to make it on the main site.

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