How much money to subscribe to boing boing and lose shitty ads / sales?

How much money would I have to give to Boing Boing every month as a subscriber or something to get:

  1. No ads on every page
  2. No cheesy “buy a vape/lifetime VPN” faux articles / sponsored content
  3. Full RSS feeds for all authors (looking at you @doctorow) instead of just the first paragraph with a link


@beschizza @frauenfelder


I’d pay extra to get it in paper form, with hand-glued illustrations.


I suspect that they will be reluctant for the same reason as the major web conglomerates. Advertising is supposed to be taken for granted as a natural part of the experience and is not to be thought of as a price you pay.


Also, you guys need to be more entertaining evenings and weekends. Work harder! What am I supposed to do, watch TV?

That’s what the GAMES category is for!


If I subscribe would I get a filter to not see the extreme hyperbole posts?

EDIT To clarify what would be really great is if by not seeing “war on …” or “dumpster fire” posts my subscription money wouldn’t go to the author/s of those either.

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$3 a month. That’s about infinity times more than what BB gets from my already. But I’d pay for it.

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