Boing Boing subscription?

Is it too soon to ask about an ad-free version of Boing Boing available as a subscription?

I have no idea how much the publishers make from the ads that appear when I visit the site. I don’t need to know. Boing Boing is a commercial website with a lot of traffic and I know that’s not free.

But it’s getting really hard to read the site anymore. The front page and the articles are so cluttered with ads that cause the content to scroll off the screen while I’m reading it that I have to repeatedly scroll up and down just to read the article.

It would be worth $10 a month to me, easily.


I think it’s a good idea, as long as we don’t move to mode where some or all content is locked for those who can’t afford to contribute? Or maybe a year contribution option or a tipping option?


Yeah, definitely no difference in content between paid and unpaid viewers, that’s not who we are as happy mutants.

And I would be amenable to a system whereby voluntary contributions could decrease the amount of the page given over to ads, or at least make them static.


That to me seems like the best path forward. I know that plenty of folks who frequent here would happily give what they could. What’s the marx quote? To each according to their ability from each according to their needs? :wink:


You mean too soon after the debacle months ago where without warning BB suddenly instituted a script enforced turn offf your script/ad blockers or pay 5 cents per page load (including reloads) and be tracked by signing into Google policy? :thinking:

The question to my mind is can an add-free subscription pay the bills? How much would it cost to implement and how much are we each worth to BB based on advertising revenue. I have to think we are worth far less than the 5 cents a page BB started charging before rescinding the new policy, also without notice. And, of course, organic advertorials like affiliate links to Amazon and others would remain, as, likely, would BoingBoing Store, in the “ad-free” feed. A subscription model that just douses the 3d party networks wouldn’t necessarily have to charge that much per month to be a valid source of revenue, especially given that the people likely to pay for it are probably already using script blockers to one degree or another. But I feel like it’s one of those things everyone talks about being a good idea but few people actually sign up for.

As much as I think BB explaining about the nitty gritty of running BB as a business would be fascinating - it’s what they used to do when covering other tech business - BB management is pretty sensitive about issues regarding their own revenue. There could be all sorts of things I don’t know in play, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if some ad networks prohibit customers from having an optional ad-free subscription model - it’s just speculation on my part, but I think there could be a lot of factors that could make the superficial feasibility of a subscription model infeasible in reality.


The most successful independent subscription service in blogging history could not pay the bills. If only it were that easy.

I will say only that we are continually investigating all options open to us, and leave it at that (because, frankly, it’s not my place to do so.)


I am one of the “Happy to give if I could” but I am ABSOLUTELY in the “GIVE ALL I CAN TO ELIMINATE ADS”

The ads as of the last 6 months have become unbearable. They at times completely lock up my laptop when at work…it’s atrocious.

I want BB to stay alive and I get they need the advert revenue stream. I’d rather help subsidize that via a sub or patreon or whatever means.

thank you @davide405 for this thread.


I’m sure it has been looked at, but I’d be all for a patreon style series of contributions direct to each bb writer for their quality articles, and I’d certainly chip in to an “Orenwolf and luck dragon upkeep fund” for the positives you bring to the community side of things.


Gratuitous donations never refused, slogan for tip jar. I will contribute to that method.

Use and click the article if it seems interesting and offers more information then the “Show Full Post” text. No video ads sucking up data.

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