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Can Boing Boing support a subscription model? I’d happily give you all $5-10 a month if you quit serving me ads and gave me full RSS feeds for all authors again. This seems better than the experience of BB when you go to it without an ad-blocker.

This might help show others a way towards an Internet not entirely based on ads. I already give a fee for annual membership. I bet others here would do the same.

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Doubter here. Newspapers are trying that, but I don’t think it’s working out. Have you ever heard people grumbling about a paywall? Have you ever seen people circumvent one? Also, I’m willing to bet you’re worth more than you think - but I’ve never seen the numbers, I’m guessing.

Also, too, it’s fun to complain about the ads. See? You did it already today!

The only place that I’ve kinda thought about subscribing after they pay walled it was Pando, but that was purely for Gary Brecher’s War Nerd articles, and ten bucks a month seems like a lot, given how dire the rest of Pando is.

Eventually I’ll get around to making the RSS feeds better (they’re kind of mangled at the moment) but they’re there…


Ad blockers are part of the deal in web publishing and we don’t mind you using them at all. If you’d like to support us in other ways, buy a tee or something from the store or even click through to amazon from something on BB. I bet just one tee sale makes us more money than a year of clicking from any one web user, so this isn’t just an “oh well” alternative.


I thought I recognized the cut of your jib in that other thread!!! Man you really got the cow’s goat. But we need him, so I think you ought to let him know what you’re up to. Man, I was wondering. Same IP address as before and the infrared of the guy at the computer was the same, but I was just scratching my head trying to put it all together.


I didn’t say anything about a paid wall, just about turning off ads for people with paid accounts. does some premium comment but mostly it is to support their site.

I did put my old profile name in my new profile’s “name” field! :slight_smile:

I am aware. But we are storytelling.


Let’s talk about subscriptions!

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No way! It’s more fun to troll each other. Then say we’re not.


I spend enough time here, it’s worth slightly more to me than the $4 monthly I pay to Futility Closet, for example. (I don’t need/want another t-shirt, stuff from amazon, or anything else that needs to be delivered to my door)

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I for one would by boxer briefs with Boingy printed on the back.


Wouldn’t “Boingy” on the front be more appropriate?


I dunno, I have been taking twerking lessons…


When you twerk while playing the hurdy-gurdy, video proof must be provided.


I’ve seen that elsewhere, that might work. Would I still be free to mock the ads, or would they be dead to me?

Dead like you are to me.

Those aren’t ads, some are specially tailored offers to discerning people such as yourself, while others are simply articles where people share their passion for certain products with you for your own entertainment. They would, of course, remain.


This might sound crazy @beschizza but what about putting a product in the store that is literally “digital certificate of one year of support for BB awesomeness” where they pay $10 and receive, like, a thank you email?

This would allow people who want to show support for BB like @Woodchuck45 without necessarily buying any product a way to do it, and it would go through the normal store channels you guys already have, so perhaps easily automated?

And maybe supporters who buy the digital certificate of awesome support could have a small badge next to their name in Discourse, if there is an automated private endpoint that dumps the list of emails, we could correlate that with their Discourse account and add the flair?

Just an idea, would be happy to do all the heavy lifting on our end to make sure the flair is in place.

(this does nothing for the ad blocking requirement, though, if that is a requirement.)


Well…we can block our own ads, really.