BoingBoing and me

Of late … in fact, since the shift to the new style BB last year … I’ve been almost exclusively visiting For the banter.

Got to thinking about revenues etc at BB. I don’t know the picture, but realised I wasn’t ever clicking on any ads like I used to (occasionally). So a bit of an effort, and lo and bloody behold I clicked on a banner that is massively relevant to my work. (and others). It’s internetty data stuff, a product in genesis.

I presume views & clicks mean prizes for BB.

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If you use our online store for your t-shirt and notebook and trashy toy needs, that’ll net us much more than a few ad clicks will!



Checking it out - some things I like! Been a while. I love the ship t shirt.

I even bought a T-shirt! True story!


So that’s how they hooked you.

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