Blog view borked?

Starting sometime this morning, I noticed the blog view ( isn’t showing the BBS link or the complete date (except for Mark’s gadgets post).

Instead of showing [Author] at [W, MM DD, YYYY]commentsshare, it’s only showing [Author] at [W] with no direct link to the BBS comments.


Rob is doing a lot of work on the templates today. Please report the errors you see but be patient, knowing we are actively working to make boing boing lovely.

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You won’t lure me back, you know. I’ve come to like this BBS just fine. :slight_smile:

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Oy, always with the moving and the changing. Switch him to decaf on the QT…

I love the lovely, but dang Rob, I gotta keep changing my Ad-block filters to maintain the minimalist look!

Seriously though, I’d love to contribute/donate to keep BB happy and shiny…in any way other than ad-views.

To save @jlw the bother… :slight_smile:




Seriously, the blog view not showing the BBS link is super annoying. :triumph:

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Things still looking weird here and I have some video links self starting as I scroll past them …

All nav links are now in the Nav Hamburger. The Nav Bar has been retired. Long live the hamburger.

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What hamburger? There is no hamburger in any blog post :disappointed_relieved: !

Only inside post are links to the bbs, and even then, are blue. Hamburgers are not blue!

I’m confused, just like that QVC woman…

Upper right corner, @beschizza calls it the Hamburger.


I cannot speak for @beschizza but I am guessing so few people clicked on those original menu items, when spread out as individual words, that they were better rolled into an “oh this is so rare, just click here first if you really need them and they will appear” menu. The usage was so low that you can’t justify the screen space for them any more, and as we all know, cleanliness is next to boingliness.

That is kind of how the hamburger works in practice. I bet your web browser even has one!

I’m also seeing some scattered posts where the link through for the bbs at the bottom doesn’t work, and the topic doesn’t seem to exist on the bbs itself. Like Rob’s current post on Cuban cigars.

Aside from running into self-playing videos (BOOOOOOO!), I’ve also noticed that the blog articles are no longer showing if/how many comments have been posted.


Yeah, that auto-play video was a big, ugly surprise. Kill it with fire, please.
I’m not seeing any comments count either. Hope this isn’t a new trend.

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What would be nice is if the big Boing Boing graphic up top, while you’re in the blog view, linked back to the blog itself, instead of the root magazine-style page.

The point, at least for me, was to have a one-click solution for refreshing the page.

Comment counts/links to BBS will be restored on every post on blog view, for you ancient spirits of evil still using it!

@codinghorror indeed, the clicking on the navbar links was down to <100 a day. Nav like that is dead, the audience is blind to it.