New Layout?


Wow… they found a way to make the front page even more confusing. They should experiment with curved mirrors next.

Stunning oil paintings of astronauts and rockets
What the * happened to
/page/1/ haz we been forgotten?


Anyone know how to get the sane layout back? I’ve been using since they pushed the last update to get the layout that actually makes sense given what boingboing is, but now that’s broken :confused:



Much better, thanks.


>he still uses the main page


You could find a feed reader you like and consume the front page that way. I use Feedly.


Why do all web sites seem to think that a narrow band of text with a ton of empty white space is a good idea?


Like it better than the last redesign. But it suffers from the same “we love mobile!” nonsense as most sites seem to be pushing with their redesigns the last few years. It must make sense on some sort of device. But on a desktop I have no idea where my eyes should be pointed to find the stuff I care to see.

Homophobic attitudes linked to psychological problems

It was confusing at first and after I stared at it a bit it became more confusing.

-everything is scattered across the page
-the ads are even more difficult to ignore
-there are no subtitles or excerpts from the article that I can read as I’m scrolling to determine what the posts are about
-all of the titles are in all caps now makes it seem like everyone is really angry and/or excited depending on the subject of the post
-in the old layout, if I was on the 2nd page or further back, the entire post was right there and as I was scrolling I might see something in it that caught my interest even if the title didn’t
-way too many different colors
-it doesn’t make sense on mobile either

I’ll be using until this goes back to something normal and legible.


Is there a toggle to fix the blog view’s font from… whatever this is?

It would also be nice to see comment counts on posts like we used to have.


I was wondering… What is this mane paige of which he speaks? I have a dim memory of such a thing, but thought that it was just a figment.


My very first thought: “Was BoingBoing hacked?”

My second thought: “I hope it was hacked.”


Newsblur for me. :slight_smile:


Those of you that are porting the BB content elsewhere to read, do you still click through to post/read forum comments? I’m not sure that it is worth all that effort, if it works as I would expect it to.


Awful on a mobile phone. Every iteration seems determined to publish less and less. At some point, this minimalism trend will end up with 15 pages of articles called “click here”, with some nondescript QR code that leads to Amazon affiliate links as the picture and description, since obviously obsfucation==page views==profit

Also, blog doesn’t show quantity of comments. I don’t like clicking on comments to find there’s nothing there, nor missig out on a hot conversation just because blog view showed 0 comments.


Yeah, sometimes. I read Boing twice; once in the feed reader, which gives me all the main posts, and once (ok a lot more than once) on the BBS, which I see as a back-end in my head.

I try to give everything a once over in the feed reader so I can comment intelligently when I’m on the BBS later. If there’s an article I feel strongly about, I’ll click through to the front page and hit the link for the BBS at the bottom.

But the front page changes never seem to be a cumulative positive, so I spend as little time there as possible.


This, exactly. Feed reader, then over to the BBS.


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