New Layout?

Merci beaucoup!


On the plus side, clicking “more” now brings you directly to more! My scroll wheel might last another week.

On the minus side, after clicking “more”, trying to click “menu” does nothing. (edit: but on page 3 after clicking “read more posts”, “menu” works once again.)

reedit: now fixed

Thanks for that tip. However, I should say the new layout -is- way better than the last one which forced me to go directly to page1 just to see everything full sized.


Can you please add a link in the main blog menu to the bbs? :slight_smile:

It’s there! “Forums”

Ya, this new layout is just so scattered, there is no clear path for the eye to follow, especially with the different sized graphics. I feel like I am scanning back and forth up and down straining to figure out what things are about based on the imagery. Extremely too much work for how people generally view web pages, which is scanning down, stop on interested item, continue scanning, stop, drill down (click article), rinse, repeat.

At least the last redesign gave us two columns to scan down as we are used to.

At this point people and producers have settled on a comfortable way to present and consume content like this, changing it around for no reason with no feedback or beta period is not good.


Is there a link here to get to older posts? I couldn’t find one - the page just … ended. Otherwise, it’s just what I wanted. Thanks.

I’ve just added pagination. Should be present in a few minutes


So much this. I freaked at the last redesign and set my bookmarks to /page/1 and now I’ve set them to /blog but if I miss things on the first page, I can’t be sure I’ve read it all. I’ve been reading the site for the better part of a decade and maybe at 41 I’m too old for my demographic to matter anymore, but I want to be able to feel like I’ve read everything and the sequential/blog format gives me that opportunity. Or at least it gave it to me. Not sure how I can be sure if I don’t keep up at least every 40 new posts since I can’t proceed past the first page. That took about 24 hours to fill today. I don’t/can’t always read every day…


Nice, thank you.

For those of you wondering,

seems to be the new


It seems that no longer gives us the old view of BoingBoing.

I found which seems close but not all inclusive.

I LOVE the view, but that only lasts a single page and doesn’t show the newest items or anything older then the cuttoff, choosing read more from that pages takes you back to the list view…it would be really really nice to have a grid view from the newest to as far back as we choose to browse…please please Boing Boing can we haz? That would make my day. This would be the best thing ever. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!


@beschizza any chance we can get a view that starts at the newest and allows us to page back through older posts. I really “digg” that view. I’ll even beg if necessary. Pretty Please!!!

That view makes me sooooo happy. If only I could see the newest posts and scroll through older ones I’d be the happiest mutant around.


What’s the difference between category/post and blog? (Other than a nicer font on the former…)

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OMG my EYES! as someone with dyslexia the old lay out was bad enough, i have no idea what’s going on with the new one!

Titles below the picture? I am betting you think that your designing for tablets, well the stats may back that up, but your also designing for humans not devices if you want a crappy mobile layout have a crappy mobile site, not kill your main one, I can not even use the page one trick to escape your old crappy new lay out.

Thank your for the link to /blog people above, cos i was about to stop reading this site, cos that picture my 4 year old made this site crap was the last straw.


Here you go.

It doesn’t paginate right (yet) but will.

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Technically, not everything may end up in “post” due to it being a default-checked but uncheckable option in the CMS. In practice I think everything goes in there.

category/post looks like the rest of the site

blog is designed to closely resemble the Boing Boing of 10-12 years ago.

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OMG You are my hero!!! THANK YOU!!! this view rocks!!!


Where’s the ascii text version?