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Octopus unscrews jar from inside
Octopus unscrews jar from inside
Documentary: How to Build a Time Machine
'Best computer model yet of our universe' revealed today
Deliciously creamy cheese blended with charcoal
Powerful modern-day curses
Deliciously creamy cheese blended with charcoal
'Best computer model yet of our universe' revealed today

Just opened up your site and immediately loved it!!



The redesign is very dense, but I like dense. I think it will work. I like the fact that the left side is current while the right side gives the popular stories/features (I miss too many of the good ones), though I think the relative sizing is probably wrong. I would expect the popular stories/features to be smaller while the current posts would be large (since most readers will already have read all of the popular ones, which will just end up eating valuable screen real estate). It should be interesting to see how it evolves.

Also, congrats on 25 years. I haven’t followed for nearly that long, but I think I’ve followed since shortly after BB became a blog. Lots and lots of wonderful things.


Removing all text of posts from the RSS feed is a dealbreaker. Sorry, but this is, if not adieu, at least au revoir.


I’m afraid I can’t stand the redesign. I really don’t care for the tile motif, and I liked the linear ordering of articles. It makes it easier to pick up where I left off. And I like words. Words with pictures, not pictures with words, as the top articles at this moment seem to be.

And the article detail view probably works great on a small screen, but full-width content doesn’t work well on a big monitor (27", 2560x1440) or with a browser opened up moderately wide.


Frankly, the content on BB has been pretty weak for months. This ridiculous visually busy variable-size two-column format requiring the reader click through to read posts is a deal breaker. Of late, it’s been a good week for BB when it has 3-4 mildly interesting pieces; having to hunt back and forth among two or more columns and then click on a possibly interesting article is a deal breaker.


It will take me a while to navigate. First glance… WTF? But I guess I’ll deal with it. Or not.


How dare you remind us of our mortality?


I don’t like it, hardly ever visit the verge with their similar layout this is as bad.


I fear change!

But after reading the explanation of what’s going on, I’m interested! I love the idea of more original posts.

I predict a lot fewer clicks on the feed of interesting things without being able to see any meat of the story though.


The full-feed rss is at


Articles are still in chronological order, with blog posts on the left and original features on the right.


I like it BUT… at the bottom of the front page you offer “More Posts” and “More Features”, why not offer “More Everything” (E.G. a second page continuing in the same format) as well?


Do you ask me is I like the redesign?

Seriously. No.

No image clusters. More text, more order.

I will be reading the reverse chronological blog (Please put a fast link on the main page to ease it).


Just opened your site and was immediately baffled.


AH! Beauty! Well-done!


On a second look, no. No I don’t like it at all. As someone else said, it is just too busy, (for my taste, anyway). Fah.


Whoa! Major deja vu! Didn’t you guys learn anything from the LAST time you tried a major redesign for the home page? This reminds me a lot of that not-quite-Epic Fail. I’ve always assumed that the return to a more vintage design was because of all the negative reaction to that earlier attempt at redesign.

The “Classic” Boing Boing design works, and works well. There was no need to “fix” it.


Every BB redesign I’ve seen over the past decade has upset me, but I keep coming back.