What the * happened to http://boingboing.net/page/1

For a while there, there was a way for us luddites who found the redesign of boingboing an abomination cursed by all that is holy to ignore ‘progress’ and revert to something close to the uncluttered and linear layout of yesteryear, namely bookmarking http://boingboing.net/page/1.

Someone, somewhere, has since decided that even those of us who don’t particularly like looking at something that looks like someone stuffed a blunderbuss with clickbait headlines, ads, and the occasional interesting content and fired it at reader’s screens should get with the program.

I’m vaguely reminded of slashdot. Decades of service as the place to find out about and discuss new things if interest to nerddom, but declining rapidly to irrelevance due to the departure of key editors and the fact that everything of actual interest shows up first on Ars or el Reg. In boingboing’s case, the problem isn’t so much the content, but the forced abominable UI. Like slashdot, I find myself slowly going from checking in several times a day, and probably soon to once every couple of days. Which, if my experience with slashdot is anything to go by, doesn’t last that long. The addiction is gone. The bookmark gets deleted and the months go by without a visit.

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Supposedly works
ascii if you want it

Honestly though these days I enter through the bbs and jump back out to articles I’m interested in.


Farther down there is a long thread about this but the short version is stuff changed and broke the old page/1.

You can now use:


There may be others that I missed. I’m starting to see the wisdom of just hanging out on the BBS. It has all posts and you can quickly see what topic s are hot and no advertising unless you click through.

Besides differing visually, they may not all have the exact same set of posts. Search for the original discussion to see why.


get on da fleek wit da cool kids with https://twitter.com/boingboinghuffr

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Thanks for the multiple solutions! Much appreciated…

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