"You are seeing this message because ad or script blocking software is interfering with this page"

Anyone else seeing pop up on the main page? I run privacy badger and adblock plus. Has BB gone to the dark side with nag boxes?


Yes, it just popped up for me as well on the grid and individual posts.


Yup. It’s the first of these kinds of messages I’ve ever gotten from BB, and the first that ever acknowledged that script blocking, as opposed to ad blocking, is a thing.

I don’t block ads per se, I block 3d party URLs and scripting. I will see every ad and run every script that comes from the 1st party domain.

Turning off scripting is Cory approved - or it was back in 2015.

Sadly, the cure for this pop up is to turn off 1st party scripting from BoingBoing. uMatrix makes that easy to do.


Well that was a nice site while it lasted.


Brave browser on my phone doesn’t show it, weirdly. i wonder if it’s the script blocker, not the ad blocker triggering it.
(ETA: nope. It’s ABP)


It’s still a nice site, IMO. Pop-up is annoying tho.


Yep, i just started getting this as of the last hour or so. I fully intend to not change any of my ad/script blocking so whatever is pushing that message can forget it. If anything i need additional script blocking to kill that message.


Nice sites don’t harass users, as a rule.


3 clicks with nuke anything enhanced, and it’s gone til the page refreshes. Greasemonkey script maybe?

that is what other users are for …


The way they say to turn off ABP does not work. I do not have that dialogue in my ABP. Fail.

Even when I had whitelisted boingboing.net on ABP it still nagged. Turns out ghostery and NoScript may have been culprits. Whitelisted everything I could find and after many different attempts (NoScript - I ‘allow this site’ and refresh and then more things have popped up that need me to allow this page all over again) eventually I get through.

But not impressed - don’t mind seeing ads if I must but just allowing anything and everything a site chooses to throw at my machine is not something I like. Firefox performs like a dog as it is, I really don’t want to have to load even more things just to read a post.


Here’s what I see with uBlock and Ghostery:

Purchase an “ad removal pass”? What the fresh hell kind of dystopian shit is this?

Oh well, there’s always: https://boingboing.net/ascii


I’m getting a paywall here that tells me to buy some sort of Google ad removal pass or it will deny me content. What’s going on here? I wanted to read about how paywalls suck, not learn firsthand.


Thanks for the tip. I hadn’t heard of this before but it’s quite slick.


I completely understand the need for journalism and creative projects to be funded, but I have to say I don’t particularly like the way BoingBoing has decided to do it. For one, no matter how much I love a company or product, as a rule I never unblock ads. This isn’t just an “I don’t want to see ads” issue, or done to improve my own user experience - I also don’t want to be tracked by 3rd party ad networks. I would typically pay to fund things like this, but the ‘Ad block pass’ they’re selling is done through Google Contributor. I don’t have a Google account, and I don’t want to give Google more data about me than I already have to. So unfortunately, it’s lose-lose from my perspective. I hope at least BoingBoing makes more money this way.

In the meantime, if you’re a Firefox user I highly recommend (AdStop Enforcer)[https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/adstop-enforcer/], which hinders sites from being able to detect your adblocker. Works beautifully in this case.


That’s the message I get. The “Allow Ads” button tells me how to unblock ads in ABP, which I’m not running.

" Buy an ad removal pass for Boing Boing

Google Contributor is partnering with Boing Boing to provide you pages without ads. It costs just pennies per page."

$0.05 per page. :astonished:


@orenwolf Can you comment as to if this change is an intended permanent update or if it was a mistake flip of a switch?


A four pence a page dystopian hell? Or did I misread a decimal point? I must have, surely - maybe it was 0.04 pence, and not £0.04. Now I’ve got rid of it I don’t want to go back to check again. In principle I would not mind taking out a subscription for BB, at a fixed price, but no way in hell am I paying to view per page, whatever the cost per page is!


Not really an option where I work, but thanks for being polite about it I suppose?


The change is intended.

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