This Loot Crate mystery box will make you feel like a kid again—$50 off

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They say this sealed box is worth $70? And I can buy it for only $20? And nobody knows exactly what’s inside because mystery? What a deal!


Let’s see… a tee shirt I will never wear, a hat I will never wear, a spork (or is it a vibrator?), some gummy bears, a bobblehead and some sort of lapel pin. Looks like a bargain at half the price! Or maybe 1/10 the price…


And who was the author of this article? No one willing to take credit?

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I need to figure out how to play Magic The Gathering using only Loot Crate items instead of cards. I mean, only $20 and it could totally have that powerful card item I so desperately need and really hope is in the box, but isn’t actually promised to be in the box. If I just buy enough boxes I’m sure I’ll get it!!! They are hand curated after all. Nobody could possibly create a bad deal by “hand curating” it. “Hand” always means good - hand made, hand curated, hand job. Same with “curated”. Put 'em both together, and wow, just an atomic bomb of good value! :smiley:


I think it’s maybe not worth $20. Because, if the stuff was worth $20, they would show you a picture of the actual stuff. What if they just plan to put unwanted junk in there, and keep your money.

I have a friend who has subscribed to the Loot Crate. He is a good friend who is smart.

He’s more likely to self-identify as a “geek” or as a “gamer” than I am. He gets excited over upcoming games and movies. He loves all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. He’s excited for the new Star Wars films. He recommended I watch the “WarCraft” movie. Every year, he watches all the console manufacturers’ E3 presentations (I suspect that he stays up late into the night to watch them live, although I’ve no proof of this), and acts disappointed the following day that not only did I not watch them, I also didn’t read the gaming news sites to learn what was revealed. (I also have a different friend who does exactly this same thing, but with the big Apple events)

And he subscribes to the Loot Crate. Which so far as I can tell, mostly contains plastic movie/game-licensed toys which are marketed to exactly that demographic, and I don’t really understand the appeal, despite being in the games industry myself and playing my share of them. Just personally, I can’t understand why anybody would want the clutter. But he likes it.

The vibrator/spork thing is an inexplicably Dr. Who-branded Spork stuck onto the end of a replica Sonic Screwdriver, which I believe lights up and makes noises. I know this because… well… this friend gets the Loot Crates. And tends to excitedly show them off, and then act baffled that I’m not as giddy over them as he is.

Sometimes I feel like I must be getting old. (Even though he’s at least a decade older than me! :wink: )


Please help me with this. A one month Mystery Box is $13.95. How is the $20 Boing Boing cost any sort of deal?

" . . . will make you feel like a kid again."

Wow, is there an alcoholic dad, neurotic siblings, and knucklehead neighborhood bullies in there?


I subscribed to Loot Crate Anime for a while and it’s fun to get a parcel once a month where you don’t know what’s inside!

That said, I dropped them for the Curiosity Box from VSauce which ships four times a year and is filled with sciency toys and posters and books instead of anime stuff. Much more interesting and I actually look at the items apart from the day I open them. Sending a science book in every parcel sealed the deal for me, and the last box even had two things I’ve always wanted, a string powered gyroscope and a black light! Fun!

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