Some curators do artifacts, these ones do geeky memorabilia

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Wow! Fifty (or twenty-five) bucks for about fifty cents worth of stuff?? I’m in!


So, in the brave new world being sold by Boing Boing’s advertisers, instead of deciding what fandoms I enjoy enough to want to purchase some of their stuff, I should just send money every month to a company that will make those hard decisions for me and send me a bag full of random crap.

That sounds like a brilliant business model that will enable to founders of Loot Crate to burn through a lot of venture capital before going out of business for lack of customers.


For $50 you send me random shit that I may or may not care about?

I never understood the appeal of these grab bags.

I watched Ashens open up some of these and the contents were really disappointing.

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But who curates the curators?

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