Receive a Mystery Box of Geek & Gamer Gear Each Month With Loot Crate

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Just don’t include any more inflatable crowns or Stuart will get angry!

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“FUCKING inflatable FUCKING crown!”


Wait… Something interesting in the BB store? Did I just jump into the mirror universe? Is the Statue of Liberty copper coloured? Somebody check for me.

Snark aside… I wonder how this would apply for those outside the continental US. For we Canadians, a Loot Crate 3 month subscription costs $84 (S&H included). I guess we’d just pay the difference?

And also something to keep in mind, for those unaware - this is a recurring subscription you’re signing up for. Don’t forget to cancel if you don’t want to get charged full price at the end of 3 months to keep the subscription going.

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…does it come with some samples of truBrain?

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When did being a geek become a fashion decision, a thing that you buy?

I mean, I know it’s been that way for a while now, but…I dunno. Do we blame the internet? Or was the timing just a coincidence?

I subscribed to this for 2 months before I cancelled. The thing about being a geek is you tend to geek out over specific things, not every SF, fantasy, horror, pop culture, anime, and gaming franchise ever.

If you do happen to like the general theme of the month, the stuff ranges from cheap filler you will throw away, to semi-cool stuff you probably wouldn’t have bought for yourself on purpose. And if you don’t – such as when the theme is horror, but they’ve interpreted it as 85% zombies and you are bored with zombies – you’re out of luck.

From what I recall, in my two packages I got:

– a kind of cool Captain Mal figure
– a wad of Alliance “paper money” (which I don’t recall ever actually seeing in Firefly?)
– a packet of Pop Rocks
– a plush/fuzzy Tribble (I don’t even like Star Trek)
– an Asteroids / Star Trek crossover fridge magnet
– an Alien inaction figure which can’t stand on its own and has to lean on something pretty solid
– a (terrible) pen that’s a weapon from some zombie console game I never played
– a Walking Dead digital comic I haven’t bothered to read
– I think there was another digital comic, and I don’t even remember what it was
– some kind of zombie apocalypse survival manual, but probably not the one you’re thinking of
– a low quality, poorly fitting (despite being the “correct” size) t-shirt, of cats arranged in a skull shape


I had a terrible experience with them. The biggest problem is they don’t have a customer service number. I wanted to try them for one month, and they sent me two “crates”. I cancelled and got the money back for one…after I went through my credit card. The next month they sent me two more crates, and when I finally got through to customer service over e-mail I was talked down to like I didn’t know how to order things on the internet. I’ve been on the internet for literally 30 years. This was the very first time I’ve had these kinds of problems.

Besides that…the stuff in the crate was mostly garbage. Very slow USB drive that looks like a Dire Wolf from Game of Thrones that doesn’t fit properly into most USB ports (I ended up taking the plastic off and wrapping it in gaffer tape), that lame inflatable crown etc. The only good things were a Princess Bride deck of cards and a D&D shirt. It wasn’t worth the price and most of it got thrown away.

Save your money and just but a few cool things you like and stop throwing things directly into landfills.

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