Loot Crate's themed gift packages are pop culture treasure troves

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I have to say, I’ve never understood the appeal of any of the “crate”-type subscriptions, where the sellers send out random boxes of “loot”. The arrangement seems more like a hipster dollar store where you don’t get to choose which remaindered items you buy or how much you’d pay for each individual item. I suppose it could be handy if I ever manage to clean out my current box full of items to re-gift and need more random items to give people I really don’t know.

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So for $22+ a month (retail) I get a box of stuff I really don’t want and end up giving away after awhile.


I understand it might have something to do with popular Youtubers doing exciting unboxing videos. Some have pointed out that said popular Youtubers seem to get “random” boxes of conveniently better quality.


I remember, back in the day, Woot.com used to sell a “Bag of Crap”

ironically probably mostly better stuff than what’s currently sold as curated subscription services


BoC’s still exist (and the previous owner has a new site with a similar occasional gimmick), but those at least give you a laugh.

I got a gift subscription to Loot Crate for a year. I kept under 10 things total from all of the crates. A few of them I brought in to give to coworkers, but most of it went right into my donation box.

All of the stuff in the crates is sold on the site a month or so later in their store. Instead of buying a box of random junk, you can just buy that single item for a fraction of the price. Or buy it off ebay from people who are trying to recover some money on their investment (very common, in my experience).

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I stopped getting Loot Crate and now instead get The Curiosity Box from VSauce.

At least with the Curiosity Box I know I will have some interest in everything in it because it’s mostly science/science toy based. With Loot Crate if I wasn’t into the pop culture thing being featured it was pretty much junk to me (which was most of the items.)

Curiosity box only ships four times a year so you get less stuff, but it’s of a higher quality and I find I either want to keep them or know someone who would appreciate each particular thing. (You also get a full book, usually hardcover in each one so surprise science books are always nice.)

No, I’m not a paid shill for the Curiosity Box, I just really like it and 5 minutes after opening it I’m usually having fun instead of feeling mildly disappointed like I was with the Loot Crates.


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