Meh. Our sponsor who sends us random boxes of crap

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Sure sounds like a tempting offer, but I think I’ll pass.

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So, if I’m understanding it right, this is basically what Woot! used to be, but with less enthusiasm…
edit: oh, and I guess that’s mentioned in the video. Makes sense. :slight_smile:


The guys who founded woot weren’t happy with the way amazon was running things so they quit and started meh.


Lately Woot’s become much too bloated with all the different categories thrown in willy-nilly. It’s still got some great stuff from time to time, but finding those has become a pain. So I definitely can’t complain about something that goes back to the basics.


For even more WTF packages one could use the Random Darknet Shopper.


While never an avid Woot!er, I did my fair share of Woot Offs and even managed a BOC once.

I checked back a few times after the Amazon purchase, but, it’s just another thing now.

Woot! became Meh. in more than one sense.


Random unvetted weaseldust bindles and deserves-to-be-illegal pornography?! Oh boy.

On a brighter note, I’m happy Meh exists at least.

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Read the title on the BBS list and thought: Wow! Finally! They’ve honestly reviewed something sent by a sponsor, instead of just talking about how fabulous it is.

Then I read the comments. My bad.


do you have more infos about the project than the homepage shows? the most questionable purchase I’m aware of is the French cookbook.

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And the 1-oz gold (currently $1300/oz) coin for $30?

And the ten pills of extacy?

I would consider those questionable. Still, very interesting project.

Your example was “deserves-to-be-illegal pornography”, not lacquered lead or MDMA.

Maybe I’m too thin-skinned and accuse you wrongly but your comment is near the stupid argument, that the only reason for anonymity in the web are child porn and similar crimes.

stupid me cannot differentiate between J in an orange circle and P in a red circle. sigh.

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ooooh Meh is the name of the sponsor. I get it now. I read that title and thought BB was expressing indifference toward its sponsors.


Given the frequency of articles here about the merits of de-cluttering, I think I may be zeroing in on the heart of the problem.


Though we both have plain letters as our avatars, I’m not the person you were replying to at first. I just jumped in to provide a couple of examples of apparent illegal stuff that were a little more sketchy than a French cookbook.


I really wish I could give all of my likes to this comment.


No, no. I’m not casting aspersions on the project itself!

My spouse works to shut down some of those operations and while the majority of those are innocuous (lots of seeds and spores for sale), there’s some seriously fucked people out there and therapy has been required for that.

I’d feel nervous dropping Bitcoin on any of that, even if I know that it’s relatively rare. It just sucks knowing that it’s out there in any number.


Well this could be more interesting that the Stack Social store posts.

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oops, I’m really sorry.

The French cookbook was a cheap joke at the expense of our western neighbors - hosting illegal or illegimate goods is more or less the raison d’être for platforms like Agora.


I wholeheartedly agree, no discussions.

A few years ago we had a rather huge discussion about mandatory blocking* of internet pages, including child pornography sites. One argument was that the market is worth billions of Euros - but this seems to be not the case, the majority of experts believe that child pornography is produced, exchanged and cosumed mostly on a tit-for-tat/peer-to-peer basis and commercial productions are relatively rare.

* the not-working type via DNS spoofing by internet providers