I got a box of stuff from daily deals site Meh.com, and it was actually pretty cool

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I can’t quite figure out who’s writing these. Getting high would seem to rule out @doctorow and @frauenfelder, the unfamiliar dog rules out @jlw, doesn’t read like @xeni at all, and it’s definitely not @beschizza… Between Gareth Branwyn (get a bbs handle!) and @RichardKaufman I’d guess the latter, as he seems to be into gadgets and concise sentences.

ETA doesn’t quite sound like @pesco either.


Hey there’s an idea! Cultivate peoples’ trust by telling them you’re honest - why didn’t I think of that?

So here I am being honest.

…says nameless copy writer.


It got me thinking that an ongoing thread re: contents by those of us on subscriptions - along with community mutant commentary…

Could be pretty useful/neat?

  • Yes
  • No

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sorry if the above is confusing but this is now technically heavy machinery. I’m going to be responsible & put it down

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Sorry, but my idea of of a “good time” involves getting a corn dog or churro at Disneyland. That’s about as exciting as it gets! Sometimes dark chocolate, or ice cream. Slightly more exciting.

“Really exciting” is eating a Gyoza dog at Tokyo DisneySea.


Just make sure your webcam is patched.


How about cheezy 1950’s Dracula movies?

Xeni’s dog CHAPPIE has been all over her twitters, Facebook, Boing Boing etc.


I am not on the twitters or the facebooks, but I suppose it figures she’d name her dog after a Die Antwoord movie.

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Sure, and I named mine after a dog in a Barry Levinson Baltimore film. We love what we love.


The food saver is well worth it.
Now you can rig up a crock pot into a sous vide system.
With A DIY system for cheap.

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or a DYI depending on the title you want to read.

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“How about cheezy 1950’s Dracula moveis”?



It’s someone who uses the word ‘queueing’ and who is old enough to still be calling something ‘cool.’

I’m going with that dragon thing from The Neverending Story.

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Meh.com – this is a reincarnation of the original woot.com before it was acquired by Amazon, isn’t it? The first entry in their FAQ seems to suggest that some of the original woot team is involved in this? (W/o mentioning the woot by name?)

Woot was a lot of fun before they started diverging from their original product. After a while the deals weren’t quite as impressive, and once they started offering multiple sites with more products, it lost it’s luster.

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