Is this where I confess?


Continuing the discussion from What was the question?:

1) Have you sinned? Have you crimed? Do you have shameful, embarrassing secrets*?

2) Ask if this is where you confess.



* we’re kidding – nothing is secret from US

? :question: :atom: Questions. Questions? QUESTIONS!? :atom: :question:?
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The BBS Lounge
Did you ever want to play questions?

Is this where I confess I own albums from both Yngwie Malmsteen and Vanessa Mae?



Is this where I confess I steal oranges from my neighbors tree?

Also is this where I confess that @OtherMichael is a petty tyrant with dreams of grandeur only matched in power by my mastery of fish puns!?


Is this where I confess that I’m not surprised?


Is this where I confess that I listen to Taylor Swift but hide this from friends and family?


You should really try not to make fish puns on porpoise, it is a bad halibut to get into.

I can see how it is easy to get hooked, though.


Is this where I confess that I’m finding the fish puns a bit canned, or should I clam up about it?


We cod dolphinitely scale back on the fish puns.


he doesn’t seem all that petty to me.


Is this where I confess that I buy my cool clothes at Albacore and Fish?


back to school sale?



Porpoises are not fish. Clams are not fish either. I don’t know why people keep using them in “fish puns” like it’s all hunky dory to pretend they are. This is very bassic science, for goodness’ hake. It’s really not the plaice for them, so saury, but could we please save them for another thyme.

Aw damn it


Is where I confess I’m not surprised in the least?


Is this where I confess that I step out of my office twice a day to purchase Dunkin Donuts coffee, even though we have a coffee machine at the office and I make good coffee at home?

BRB, buying another cup.


Is this where I confess that I never got into sports only because there were too many seasons to catch up on?


I confess I’ve never felt like a passenger. Oh wait, that was Roger Waters.


Is this where I confess that after spending a massive amount of time and effort finding the best ringtone, I just keep my phone on silent?


I confess that I once recorded a cover of a Spice Girls song.

I confess that when my tabby lounges on the tops of tables, I move him around a bit to save time dusting later.


Is this where I confess that when I was a kid… no wait, I still do that.