Meh. Our sponsor who sends us random boxes of crap


You just get a start-up together to send other people your junk in return for money. Win-win.


I was coming in here to see if anyone else was aware of the Woot connection, and from what i’ve seen it’s very much in the spirit of pre-sellout Woot. Though i have not really followed the site too closely so i haven’t gotten around to buying anything from it. Anyone here have any experience with Meh?

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Mostly agreed about all of that, but while the scale is vastly exaggerated, capitalists being what they are, there’s still your average not-tor-or-Bitcoin proficient user that’s willing to pay for the content, and thus rings to shut down.

It’s basically original-flavor woot. with maybe a bit more cynicism. Actually, that’s exactly what it is, having been started by the original guy. I was so glad when I discovered it, because I missed Woot.


New user here, so my opinion may not count for much, but I’ve been a Meh customer since the day the site went live. I’ve placed 90 orders in the last two years and have been pleased with their customer service. They aren’t Amazon, so you aren’t going to get your orders super fast, but shipping is cheap and so are the products. The rare times that issues have arrived with products, they have been quick to step up and fix things.


Is there an equivalent of woot-offs?

Not yet, but they haven’t ruled it out for the future as far as I’m aware. They do have a “bag of crap” equivalent called Fukobukuros (unlucky bags). Like Woot of old, the bags sell out in seconds when they are offered so you must be logged in and ready right at changeover.


I do appreciate the feedback :slight_smile: I figured their service must’ve been good but I like being able to verify with people that have used the site vs a sponsored post.


You’re welcome! The forum over there is pretty active, and there are faqs listed somewhere, so if you have any questions, or want more info on the company and policies, check them out and ask. We’re all pretty friendly, in a snarky kind of way.

There’s a word for how I feel about this…or is it a sound? Can’t…can’t be bothered to think of it, really…


Just what I need. More garage cruft.

Xeni and Mark!
Never could this combination be ever called “Meh”.
Loved this, and hope to see more in the future.
Cheers to both of you, well done indeed.

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Gosh, who would have thought that selling your business to a megacorp might cause changes in how it’s run!

I’m continually flabbergasted when startup founders are surprised by this, over and over and over.

Yeah, I don’t really think that was how it went down. The founder sold it, got a good bit of money, but wasn’t able to start a competing company for a certain length of time. They started A Mediocre Corporation, which did other things, and then when the time was up, kickstarted I really don’t think there was a lot of surprise, though there was probably a good bit of disappointment that Amazon took a good thing and completely ran it into the ground and ruined it by doing the exact opposite of everything that brought it success to begin with.


The surprise in this case is successful managers acquiring a quirky business “because they can” but not wanting it to be a quirky business. So… why buy it versus any other?

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Because they want to use an existing business’ goodwill to build something that’s better “monetized,” which almost invariably involves fucking it up in some way.

Maybe this was surprising the first dozen or so times it happened, but by now everyone should know what happens when you sell your plucky startup to a megacorp. There is no excuse for being surprised anymore.

I’m guessing the song and dance was very different in the courtship versus waking up next to


It always is.

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