Incredibly bizarre fluke or nuclear clown demon? You decide

So last week I came across this pic and lost my shit.

This may be familiar to some folks who happened to see me post pretty much this incidentally in another thread, but I’m interested to see if anyone else is as utterly spun out by the minuscule odds of a freak this perfect… or maybe someone can demonstrate it’s a fake.

I just had to colour it…


…I’ve been using that for my wallpaper and it’s pretty spooky.

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It’s an ad for PS3 game Twisted Metal from 2008:


Pity but still.

I knew clowns were evil but damit…

Well there you go.

It would’ve been a staggeringly gobsmacking reality… the odds seemed an order of magnitude or two long…

It’s a pretty sweet job alright, and the fact it was a print ad only (probably newspapers, by the look) made the copies I came across look old…

Have to admit though, I didn’t look very hard : /

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Tsk. You really thought a nuclear cloud would randomly end up shaped like this?

you know, @Kimmo, the reverse image search that google’s had on offer for several years now can be added to firefox so you can just right-click on a pic and the search is right on the menu, and I think in chrome you can just drag the pic into the search bar.

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