Supernatural evil clown toilet-lid decal


Holy Crap!!! I will never poop again. Aaiiieeeee!!!


Yes. How did you know?

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me a few minutes ago: “well it’s about time for bed, i’ll just check whats on cory’s channel, go to the bathroom and go to sleep”
me now: “well so much for that…”


Cory, I’m surprised that you’re unaware of how blatantly this rips off the classic Powell-Peralta skull graphic. Sigh.

It isn’t even close. And for that matter, I’ve been having nightmarish thoughts about skull coming out of holes since I was about 4 years old, (and that was over 50 years ago), So please, don’t get all “sigh”… You got nothing.

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I would consider it Bones Brigade inspired. But I wouldn’t want it on my toiler or on my deck.

This can go on my pool. If I had one. And wanted to scare the children, if I had them.

For $6 that’s not a bad deal.


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Sit on my face and tell me that you love me…


That would scare the spit out of me

Perhaps this post should also include an apology to the now demonized and increasingly unemployed clown professionals.

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They should use one of those perspective tricks that chalk artists do so that if you look at it from just the threshold of the door, it looks 3D and like it’s actually coming out of the toilet.

Swear to me swear to me that if it isn’t dead you’ll all come back.

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