A man created a vomiting skeleton for a Halloween contest – watch it in action

Originally published at: A man created a vomiting skeleton for a Halloween contest – watch it in action | Boing Boing

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“I’ll have what he’s having. . . err . . . had.

If he really wants to go the extra mile, have the water spurt then stop, and have the skeleton move back and forth each time: “now with lifelike hurling action!”


The skeleton isn’t vomiting. It’s urinating through its mouth. If he wants it to vomit, the flow needs to be intermittent. Ideally triggered by a trick or treaters approaching, plus lots of awful sound effects.

I can’t believe I’m actually criticizing somebody’s homemade Halloween decoration. I may need to rethink some parts of my life today.


He’s puking like it’s Christmas.


Texas man runs a water pump through Halloween decoration. There fixed the headline for you.


There’s a home nearby that has a spider skeleton on the chimney.

Spider skeleton?


You are right though… Excellent first step but needs another level.
Has he tried it with the skeleton in the bucket and puking straight up?


If I had all the time in the world, maybe I’d design the head and neck to be like one of those tipping-bird things, where its own weight keeps it upright, but when enough water fills to the tipping point, the head lurches forward dumping the water out the mouth, then returns to the upright position because it’s empty.

But I don’t have all the time in the world, so I’m just going to smile at what he’s made and hope I encounter other displays that are half as creative!


my late sister got a kit skeleton… it was missing a part but most of all she did not know how to hang it up/out…

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Not that ground breaking. A freind of mine makes it on the news every year and has a couple radio broadcasts from his house over the years. He’s been doing stuff like that for many years.

I’ve even made some fountains over the years. Made this one in the spring when I got bored and my neighbor was just going to toss out that old pump.

I even had one of those beer mug fountains in the early 80s.

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Reminds me of every fox news show and then some

Meh. He needs to go to Halloween forum for some prop tips.

Ooh, put a wig on it and have a ghostly hand holding back the skeleton’s hair!

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