Appall your friends on Halloween with Skeleboner!

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I’ve seen worse, but not lately.


I’m just waiting for the mashup between this and sexy Bernie.

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I actually wouldn’t mind a skeleton onesie - that might be fun to wear to shows. Sans boner. The nerd in me can’t abide by an anatomically incorrect skeleton onesie.

Unless…it was like a furry costume, and you had a human/racoon skeleton? The have penis bones.


Here, Spirit Halloween sells costumes mocking Indigenous peoples among others.

Halloween is just another excuse for POS to mock and belittle under the excuse of ‘costume’.

On a related note to OP, the cable company where I worked referred to the internet as “The Big Pipe” in all the sales lit… so on a Halloween I went around the call center in a rain coat & sandals (shorts & t-shirt) but I had a 24" long 2" ABS pipe hanging from my crotch with vinyl letters and company logo saying “Big Pipe” and would flash staff.

20 years later, I’m both shocked no one complained to HR and ashamed of my actions in the workplace.


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To be fair, they don’t need excuses…

Also, reminds me of the end of the Dear White People movie…


The word is “Baculum” but I expect that wouldn’t drum up as much sales.


“We have a sexy Scott Baculum, is that what you are looking for?”


I was trying to figure out out a Scott Bacula pun to no avail.

But it’s fair to say that for human skeletons costumes, baculum “doesn’t move units”


Although humans don’t have a baculum, many/most primates do. I recently learned that there are people who believe that Adam’s “rib” that God made Eve from actually refers to his baculum.

In light of humans’ tendency to beat up folks dressed in full-body mascot costumes, I’d expect that, in a party full of drunk people, this costume would be seen as an invitation to kick in the crotch.


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