What the hell is going on in this image?


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Teaching image-recognition algorithms to produce nightmarish hellscapes

It found the dogs, and somehow got near enough to Charnauk to get him. The others smelled it - heard it - I don’t know - anyway they went wild, and broke chains, and attacked it before it was finished. The thing we found was part Charnauk, queerly only half-dead, part Charnauk half-digested by the jellylike protoplasm of that creature, and part the remains of the thing we originally found, sort of melted down to the basic protoplasm.

-John W. Campbell, Jr., “Who Goes There?”


Are you sure that’s not just Cyriak?


Hey theres Jaba The Hutt’s baby!


He comes.


Looks like really good 2-CB.


Imagining that thing animated made me gag a bit.

I’m also humming some generic crappily-awesome Cyriak circus music in my head while doing so.


My God, I just noticed… the dog! The goblet! The grandmother in the background! And don’t get me started on the trypophobia!

EDIT: And the more you zoom, the worse it gets!


Is it an optical illusion, or is the image staring at me with a myriad of little eyes?


Oh, man, I want that Photoshop filter.


Pictures like that can cause flashbacks.


Cost of a convolutional neural network to identify the most distinctive parts of an image and then make the rest of the image be crazy : 1gm of DMT



what eyes?


If I had known that the Abyss looked like that, I would have known not to stare into it.


i’d love to see a version with movement.


I quite like it. This is a squirrel enactment of Inception. Obviously…



I see the sailboat.



And on that disturbing image, I’m out.