Google's Deep Dreaming fills the 'net with psychedelic nightmare GIFs


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It’s a glimpse into the collective unconscious of the internet, courtesy of HR Geiger. How long before it’s available as a cellphone camera ‘filter’ effect for horrifyingly augmenting your mundane reality in real time?


Finally! A compelling use for Google Glass.


My wife got a few photos processed before the Internet zeitgeist beat down their servers. My favorite is an ancient stone monument we photographed that got turned into a series of turtles and wolves, surrounded by Cyriak type imagery.


Please post it


…as well it should. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.


There were not people in the background in the original!! :smile:

Also this might be our first album cover.


I saw his body swell and become distended as a bladder, while the face blackened before my eyes […] Yet the
sight I had to witness was horrible, almost beyond the power of human conception and the most fearful fantasy. Something pushed out from the body there on the floor, and stretched forth a slimy, wavering tentacle, across the room, grasped the bust upon the cupboard, and laid it down on my desk.


The Earth Gods are awakening.


Earth gods, good album name.

New name: Stoned Henge


surrounded by Cyriak type imagery.

I think we just figured out who started working for Google.


That is unbelievably creeptastic cool. Thanks for posting it. Do you mind if I put on my desktop background?


Not a problem! And I may be able to find a higher rez version.

BTW that dolman is visited by tons of people every year, i think it is the most photographed dolman in the world. But if you go to Ireland in the middle of winter… Noone is there!

We went to several World Heritage sites and were comepletly alone (including Newgrange)


“I am sitting in a room. Different from the one you are sitting in.”


I played around with this on my local machine quite a bit last night. I haven’t gotten much into the dog faces, tentacles, and so forth but it’s interesting how much it changes an image after just a few cycles through the algorithm.

If you just let it go, the original image quickly vanishes completely. This one started out as a picture of some network equipment.


The last image – is that Ballmer in his true form with the veil of reality lifted?


There are surely people who are already insisting (quite genuinely) that these images are proof of Google being in league with the Devil and that the Antichrist is coming to slaughter us all, especially given the coincidental timing of recent court rulings. Right?


MmmMmMmmmm tentaculicious…


2cb is cheaper.


Can someone explain how a layperson like me can do this? I poked around a bit, looking for a method, but most are geared towards… people who aren’t me.