Trump Deep Nightmare: Google's Deep Dream AI run against a Trump speech


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I see what you did there.


Well, I was strongly anti-Trump, but now that I know that Cthulhu endorsed him…


Isn’t that a bit unfair to Cthulhu? He should have used that tattooed picture of Cruz…


Gonna need some mentalfloss after that.


I’m just gonna set this right here…


I think I took too much


I just thought my Hoffman Lenses were malfunctioning.
They live, we sleep


Somehow it was less scary for me. He just looked like a monster when he talked. As opposed to looking like a human being. Which is worse… Way worse.

Also that was his presidential announcement speech. My favorite Trump speech. In it he outlines his adolescent power trip wish fulfillment fantasies for how he will strong arm American corporations into bringing back manufacturing to the US.

It’s basically… When I’m president they will have to come begging to me. It will be awesome… I will look so good in that Oval Office… Telling the CEO of Ford how things are going to go.


Hey, is it the end times already? [sips coffee]


The most frightening thing about this is it visually describes my feelings whenever Trump opens his mouth. The even more terrifying thing is he truly is not a monster. He’s just a guy that happened to be born rich and come into power in the 70’s/80’s and never let go of the ‘I got mine fuck you’ mentality of the era.



Well it doesn’t look any different to me. That’s what I always see when Trump talks.


Holy shit.


I’d like to see this at maximum dream depth, not tied to audio volume.


$3 to do a website?


and the website probably sucks


Is that a garter snake?


What we call garter snakes in Western Washington look nothing like that. Garter snakes are slender. About 1.5cm wide, 20-30cm long. Black, dark gray, or a dark gray dark blue, with a line running down its side the length of its body. When you grab them they release a stinky musk, and bite you with its relatively weak, toothless jaws.

I tried keeping a few in a terrarium in my room, providing plants and crickets. The snakes died overnight. The white underbellies turned blue by morning.


I don’t think he’s in Western Washington… :stuck_out_tongue:


Instead of “Deep Dream does Trump”, the opening title should have been “Deep Dream does Donald”.