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Great globes of light massing toward the opening, and not alone these, but the breaking apart of the nearest globes, and the protoplasmic flesh that flowed blackly outward to join together and form that eldritch, hideous horror from outer space, that spawn of the blankness of primal time, that tentacled amorphous monster which was the lurker at the threshold, whose mask was as a congeries of iridescent globes, the noxious Yog-Sothoth, who froths as primal slime in nuclear chaos beyond the nethermost outposts of space and time.


incarnedine, you clearly didn’t read the articfloof, shards of mice hair neatly tied under resting arm chairs did not worf the mask as globes of fodder. Under both halves three parts great and liquid.

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I’ve been playing with it all day:


Who need algorithms when you already have Cyriac?

I had an all over print t-shirt made from one of the google DeepDream images, previously:

…so when the software came out, I took the photo of that t-shirt and fed it back in for 720 iterations, it becomes eyes all the way down after the first few frames… [warning: audio]

…so of course I’ve taken the last frame, and sent it off to be printed on another t-shirt, much to my kids’ horror (both on the image and fashion front).

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So many doge.

The similarities between this and psychedelia cannot be a coincidence. We’re scratching the surface of something very profound here.

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On someone else’s service or did you set it up? I’ve been thinking of giving it a shot, but didn’t find a step-by-step.

pattern recognition and imputation?

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I set it up. Installing the dependencies literally took all day to get right.

artist Louis Wain’s shift from consensus reality to his later neurodiverse state of experience.

Imma have to be all skepdick about this – Wain didn’t shift. During his later career, when he had placed himself under the care of an alienist, he was happily alternating between electric halo cats and weird stain-glass abstractions and kitsch realist stuff for the customers. Even when he was in the asylum, he still had a couple of spinster sisters to support, so painting figurative kitsch remained his day job.

That Time-Life volume on ‘The Mind’ put together a sequence of paintings that give the impression that Wain underwent a progressive deterioration from wide-eyed but recognisable cats to the abstractions, and that’s the way it’s reported in the psych textbooks, but the paintings they chose were not in chronological order. He was just doing what artists do.

I’m sure William S Burroughs would have approved

Perception without understanding seems to be at work here

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