Latent doglizards of cheeseglopping pizza-ads


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The animals all remind me of this and its other kin, from what are probably the scariest-illustrated books they made the mistake of letting pre-teenage children have ready access to:


Sure, creepy animal-things and all, but all I could think about were how incredibly heavy those slices of pizza must be. Just look at those people struggling to lift them inch by inch- they can hardly get them out of the pan!


That looks a lot like a Skinhorse.


it’s not the heaviness of the slices, it’s the elasticity of the extruded cheese product.


Where will your computer be when the acid kicks in? So, can this be described as some sort of machine pareidolia?


Thank Ghod that’s a limited time offer.


I think it’s an equoid (Trigger warning: Equoids are not nice to virgin girls when they have outlived there usefullness). Can’t you see the blood dribbling from its mouth?


Is this song by The Knife? Love it!


Ah, Deep Dream. Rapidly becoming the Autotune of the visual interwebs.


That is a very effective visual emetic.


Is it just me, or does it seem like the neural net was trained on a dataset of Doge?


Non-emetic version –


Makes me think of the Codex Seraphinianus.

I especially appreciate the weird spider thing that appears when the slice plunges into the sauce.


For CHRISTS SAKE, will someone get the Deep Dreaming computer a puppy already! I don’t think that a child AI could hint any more clearly then all these images, everywhere it looks all it sees are puppies. If Koko could get All Ball, then surly Deep Dreaming can have K-9?


Artificial intelligence? Perhaps.

Artificial Schizophrenia? Definitely.


Makes me think of John Carpeneter’s The Thing.



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