Strange Animals




Always wondered what a pug would look like if it was dipped in NairTM

Edit: (and then fed mentos and diet coke)


That Breviceps fuscus looks like something from a Hieronymus Bosch painting.


The FSM version of the Jesus moth?


It looks to me like citations and/or watermarks are cropped off of those photos. I highly doubt whoever runs @Strange_Animals is taking all of them themselves. C’mon, credit where credit’s due!


Mario World, perhaps?


Yep, that is precisely what I was thinking. Creepy.


Looks like it comes from the Pikmin universe.


Yet another anonymous twitter account building up followers on the backs of other people’s uncredited work. No photographer credit; no links to any information whatsoever, just an “aaaw” or “eeew” or “wtf” moment.


I recognise a number of these from restaurant menus in China. You could buy softshell turtles in Walmart.

This is amazing:


The potoo just looks ridiculously fake in any pose:


There’s also WTF Evolution.


Mainstream denominations are…deeply uncomfortable…about wider mention of the fact; but the process of being “raptured” in fact involves being helplessly entwined in those tentacle-things, cillia writhing and probing body and soul, as the creature lifts you heavenward.


While the likelihood of me being raptured at this point are pretty low (hail Eris, hail Satan), that sounds a lot like a selling point to me. They should definitely market that. I may be unswayed (despite how awesome it sounds) but I’m sure some would be swayed.


And those are just the brute-force optimization results that worked well enough to be available to present day photographers…


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