The optical illusion that's momentarily intriguing the internet


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Does it require Flash? 'cause it doesn’t work for me. Unless a smaller superimposed version of the same image following my mouse is what I’m supposed to see.


Did you follow the link?


So… not an optical illusion.


Not an optical illusion, but a fair online stim toy.


Click through to the creator’s blog “previously” link for more “illusions” (took me a minute…)

ETC: attribution…


I would be more fun if you were able to do more than just up and down manipulation.


Ah. Thanks.



Hmmm, reminds me of these.

This optical illusion is driving the internet crazy! The Daily Mail reports that this “Seemingly simple optical illusion that will have your brain doing somersaults.” Though it seems like there are more, there are in fact only five bars in this diagram.

Due to the structure of your eyes rods and cones (retina rods and cornea/Coriolis cones) and this pattern appears to be slowly rotating at the speed of the earth’s rotation. try looking at this one in south “of the border” America!

EDIT: D’oh, you already linked to this. Forget it, I’m going home.


Protip: Zoom out.


Holy carp!

Thanks for that…


What’s the illusion? The cubes actually move, the colors actually do change. EDIT: I guess the illusion is that you can see the pillars in two different orientations (is the color surface the bottom of a pillar or the top?). However the way they get hidden reveals that the color surface is the top of a pillar.


Yup, the jolt of incomprehension the first time they appear to turn upside down. Great!


that site is me and Joel btw



If I fail to see an illusion, does that mean I have elevated perception of reality or am I merely lacking a soul?


Really? Ha! I had no idea.


Your implant has been updated to supply the correct dose of hallucinogens.


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