This head-spinning optical illusion will melt your brain


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i can kinda see the curve but you had to point it out. does that mean my mind doesn’t work properly (that I basically see straight lines).


I thought it would another type of head-spinning.


In theory the apparent slope of the gold bars should be random (since they are parallel), but I can’t for the life of me force my perception of the slope direction to reverse. (For me the top bar slopes up.)

BTW, I think this should be called the “English Meat” illusion:


I want my shower tiled like this


Well, my head is spinning, but, as far as my brain, there is no eff…


But do they look horizontal to you?


My head is spinning!

My brain is melting!


Keep those coming. I want me heads to melts and me brains to spin.

I now want a kitchen with drapings like that, and a Hilbert-patterned floor. Having a good cuppa in the morning while melting your brain would be great!


Me: [I don’t get it, they look parallel to me]

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•)>⌐■-■ . (readers)



I resent optical illusions.


But whither did you resend them?


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