Typewriters transformed into incredible sculptures of machine guns


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The typewriter is still mightier than the gun.


Tis so true.


Those are good enough to get yourself killed by a cop if you own one especially if you’re black. Reverse deadly.


Another dupe, but its still neat. Looks like something from Firefly, kinda.


Typewriters and guns reminds me that during WWII, Smith Corona made rifles…And that was part of the reason that there was a typewriter shortage during the war.


Singer, the sewing machine company, made 1911 pistols. Not sure if there was a sewing machine shortage.




Remington did as well(and, during the war, not just the Remington Arms branch). Really, pretty much any company that knew how to keep some machine tools pointed in the same direction did some sort of military manufacturing during WWII. “Total war” doesn’t fight itself.


Hunter Thompson would dig it too.


Check these out :grin:


Got a lot of play-time out of those things as a kid…

Also, before carefully reading I sort of expected the article to be about resourceful rebels somewhere who figured out how to make actual guns out of typewriters.


Every now and then me and the guys from work will play shoot these when one comes over to take the other one’s materials lol


58. The pen is mightiest when it writes orders for more swords.
From The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries


I seriously doubt that.
Turning a working typewriter into a non-working “gun”?
That’s the antithesis to everything HST did and was.


Plowshares, swords etc.


Reminds me of an old joke about the Quakers modernising their approach to beating swords into ploughshares. Now they’re trying to work out what to do with a 30 megaton combine harvester.


There was! There’s a story in my family, about a sewing machine being purchased as soon as they were available to consumers again after the war. The story involves a train trip to another city, after it was learned that sewing machines could be gotten there. I inherited the sewing machine, still works pretty good :slight_smile:


Surely Our Finest are trained to recognize a fine arts and other nonlethal matte?
Guessing CEUs are why the latest FreakFest!.local is theatre arts focused.


It’s a good thing that that maxim wasn’t available to Mahatma Gandhi… or else…