U.S. is investigating claims that TikTok violated children's privacy

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Been time a while already to line up a bill of privacy rights for minors, especially including the right to be forgotten.


TikTok is so riddled with data mining and surveillance crap that I’m astonished anyone still uses it.


I’m sure they care less about this than they care about Trump getting his feelers hurted at his Tulsa rally.


Where else will preteens and middle-aged mom’s show off their jerky dance moves? Duh.

It’s worth noting that if an app is used by children, it is violating their privacy. Tiktok is only slightly worse than the average social app.

It’s not really possible to make an app that doesn’t violate your privacy, at least without committing to using non-standard technologies that put you at a substantial disadvantage.

Even with a fair amount of determination from leadership, most companies couldn’t manage to do it successfully.


Even a website or a forum, could violate the privacy, especially with a real name policy.

Problem is that kids aren’t aware of possible ramifications on what they posts.
Think photos of the birthday at the swimming pool revealing where one of they friends lives and that have a mansion with a swimming pool, add the photos of the schools and someone could see a kidnapping and ransom opportunity.

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