U.S. opens criminal investigation into Panama Papers over tax avoidance claims


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Tax avoidance =/= tax evasion.


Only the poor and middle class in the USAint pay taxes. Yes, I meant to put USAint there.


You can’t hold a criminal investigation over tax avoidance. Because tax avoidance is by definition legal. If it’s illegal, then it’s tax evasion.


Just cause it’s legal doesn’t make it right. But then the 1% don’t seem to have morals anyhow so they don’t know any better.


Do you deduct your mortgage interest? That’s tax avoidance. Is it wrong?

*Does not apply if you pay rent, or are not a US resident.


Maybe now the ICIJ will stop being gatekeeping arseholes with that data?


Don’t have a mortgage, but I see what you are getting at. Now if I tried the stuff the 1% uses to avoid taxes, I would be chucked in jail mainly due to me not being rich.


I imagine they’re investigating to see if the line was crossed into evasion.


Well, we know what the outcome will be, regardless. If it turns out to have been tax evasion, amazingly, just before the investigation officially submits its findings, a law will be passed that will make it just plain old tax avoidance instead–grandfathered, of course. It’ll probably even get fast-tracked through Congress as a stand-alone bill, with no riders, especially if they can keep Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders away from it.


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