U.S. patent office cancels Washington Redskins trademark

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This confused me, because I was sure this had already happened…it did. The date from the article you linked to is June 18th 2014…

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The current story does sound all too familiar:

Although this latest ruling seems to have no financial effects, it’s still good news because it adds to the stink of that team’s name and logo. Dan Snyder may say he’ll “NEVER” change the name, but it will change, more likely sooner than later.

One of the better encapsulations I’ve seen of why such culturally embedded and promulgated stereotypes matter:


Ah, so last year’s decision has been upheld by a higher court. It’s just Mark quoted from and linked to last year’s story. Got it.


I was recently in Paris and saw this store:

It made me super sad.


They can still seek trademark protection under state law, even though the trademark has been invalidated?

What other cosmic forces need to come into play, as an owner, before you realize you were destined to become a trend setter and name your team ‘Nads’. :confused:

Are you suggesting it be changed to the Washington Foreskins?


The Washington Pigskins.

Mascot: a pork rind.

Close enough?


Pretty sure that will result in a fatwa

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The South Park episode around this topic was fantastic.

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Ooooo, is it available somewhere online?

I understand the reasoning and intent, but this reads to me as: “You can still use the name, but now other people can use it too, because it is offensive.” And since I hope no one will take them up on that offer, the risk of dilution seems minimal.

Yes? No?


Basically, the USPTO canceled the trademark last year. The football club sued in federal court, arguing that the USPTO did not have the authority to do so (mostly on first amendment ground.) The district court judge found for Amanda Blackhorse, and in July of this year ordered that the trademark registrations be canceled

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Porkrinds aren’t that popular in DC. Maybe once you leave civilization, and enter cultural areas where people are likely to disparage “those bureaucratic assholes in washington”. On the other hand, you could say that Amerindian references are equally foreign.

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