Uber driver to cancer patient: you deserved cancer and are "an animal"

It has been said that “all publicity is good publicity”, maybe not in this instance though…

Might be possible that she contacted the driver and let him know she had to cancel before she actually did as a courtesy. I can see how that could explain the exchange, however without the full context of the texts it’s hard to say

ya know the stuff you have to drink BEFORE a PET-Scan?

i was driving to the hospital, and had to … “evacuate” in rush hour traffic, pulled over and did, on side of 280 in San Jose.

Officer pulled up after I was done, looks at me, and just stares.

Pale, white, giant track marks on BOTH arms,

I told him, “chemo, you can tell by the lack of eyebrows. just trying to get to O-Conner”

i cannot drive by that exit without thining about pooping.


I guess the lesson here is always have a poop bucket/bag

Gentrificab is basically the Wal-Mart of taxis; if a national corporation pushing locally owned businesses out of the market and turning full time work into part time jobs doesn’t sound like Wal-Mart I don’t know what does. But hey, free bottle of water!


Yet. Wait til they push the taxi businesses out and they’re the only game in town.

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Because intersection pick ups are orders of magnitude more likely to be runners, deadbeats or stick-ups than a call with an address and a phone. This bullshit is justified.


Hence why im happy to have Uber bankrup taxicab companies, even if they have less than stellar service i’m not treated like a runner, deadbeat or criminal.

No, you’re just told you’re an animal who deserves to die. I’m not really seeing an upside either way.


I agree that it seems like we’re missing something, but I had to address this particular thing. In most cases, “Independent contractor” means no more or less than “employee that we can pay less, deny benefits to, and fire more easily.” The idea that companies aren’t responsible for their contractors like they are for regular employees is a lie invented by corporations for exactly this kind of situation.


Treated like one? Because they required a physical address? Your struggle would make an excellent Lifetime Original.

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Whenever I’ve had to complain about a taxi driver, their dispatcher has responded with something like “That doesn’t sound like them. click.”

Whatever Uber may be, at least it’s not a monopoly.


I like the way Snrub thinks!


I’ve been financially desperate, and it has never turned me into an inhuman jackass. I suspect that dude would be an asshole no matter what his situation in life.

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As opposed to which cab companies that are unionized or pay wages?

Almost every cab company is organized as a group of independent contractors. The difference with Uber is the leveraging of technology, the open platform, and the disconnection from the unbelievably corrupt systems of regulations of ‘regular’ taxis that plague most cities.

Good luck calling a cab and having it show up in Washington, DC. Uber here has been a godsend.

Terrible thing this driver did, obviously, but hardly the fault of Uber or its business model. The driver is simply a bad person, and I’d bet you anything that he no longer is allowed to participate in Uber’s system after this. Their platform actually helps drive accountability. It’s not like traditional cabs are known for consistently treating people well (especially women, whom they regularly prey on, at least in DC).

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Indeed. I understand they’re updating their logo to reflect their new customer service attitude:


WTF. Was that necessary?

Maybe things happen for a reason. I am quickly approaching retirement after 40 years of being a workaholic. My biggest fear is, what will I do to fill my days, since I have no real hobbies. I often thought about doing some volunteer work that would give me a reason to get up and out, as I have watched retirees who sit at home begin to lose touch with the outside world real quick. I have never completed that thought of exactly what I would do. This may be the perfect fit. Driving chemo patients home after treatment is something I would not have thought of without reading this story. Sure this guy is a jerk, but if I make it four more years in good shape, maybe this incident will lead to someone else having it a little easier. Sometimes Karma works the other way too.


I think PhasmaFells meant to write something like “No, one is just told one is an animal who deserves to die.” Not you, personally.

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Yes, it does, assuredly; it’s all karma, bank on it (as if we have a choice{g})