Uber general counsel threatens California: pass a law that makes drivers into employees and we'll spend $60m on a ballot initiative to overturn it

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Where exactly is Uber going to pull this money from? Uber is essentially a money pit at the moment.


Silly me. I thought democratically electing the lawmakers was letting folks decide what they want.


It’s a Ponzi scheme.


Uber has plenty of cash in the bank. The question is how much of it will be left a year from now when the vote happens.


Time to shift your investment $$ from Uber/Lyft back into taxi medallions.

Or just get a bike and figure out how to use a bus map.


Is that all they can scrape together? C’mon guys, go all in. Let’s see some pink slips. Oh, right. You don’t “have” cars.


They had a $3B net loss in 2018 and had $6B in cash/cash equivalents on hand. This is bet-the-company stuff and they’ll spend far more than $60MM if needs be.


This is what happens you “new” things aren’t taxed to allow them to grow.

Well, since corporations are people, and money is speech, I guess this is functional Democracy :tm:


Uber had plenty of pink slips to hand out earlier this week.

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The same place they’re pulling all those ride subsidies from: sucker shareholders desperate to keep this Ponzi scheme rolling.

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Screw Uber man.

For years most cabs were licensed from councils. Cabbies paid for those licenses. Cabbies have families and mortgages.

Then along comes investment funds that uses any morally bankrupt trick they can think of to undercut families all over the world and turn them off like flicking a switch. They pay no licence fees where I live (“because an app is not a taxi metre” - wtf?). They’ve replaced traditional workers with stable incomes and 300 years of learned standards and behaviour (London cab drivers are the best in the world) with desperate folks who are living precariously. They added 80,000 vehicles to the streets in London alone. Traffic sucks. All the Prius cars that Uber drivers use were tax subsidsed by the public.

Uber parasites more like it.

If they can leech from jobs that are based around point A to B bookings, then most trades are in danger of losing their workplace rights. Plumbers, accountants, doctors, gardeners, solicitors, mechnics - the presumable list is massive in scope.

Uber : if it succeeds, it is the doorway to hell for society. If it fails, it was a ponzi scheme.

If you use Uber services, you’re killing the future.

Uber is a bet against all of us. It must be politically destroyed. A salute for California.

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Speaking of investment I got an apartment w free electricity included in rent - which coins should I mine?

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