Uber is huge in India. Here's why


Given India’s notorious traffic, is Uber’s surge pricing in effect all day?


I’m sorry, but the driver appears to be driving his vehicle from the wrong side of the road. Please edit this image in Photoshop, so that he is horizontally flipped and appears to be driving from the right side of his car. Which if he were in India, would be where he was driving it from. Good, god, I thought that at least the editors/moderators on Boing Boing would be smart enough to realize this! I expect a little more intelligence from my compatriots on this (the ultra-far-left) side of the political spectrum!

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I bet it sucks being OaktownDave.


Frictionless? I think physics : finance :: friction : profit.

Not really… The traffic is crazy but not necessarily dense all the time. I assume they make modifications to the surge pricing to account for the differences.

It’s still ridiculously cheap for a taxi ride in Chennai!

Anyway, in terms of the main thrust of the article, India’s credit card rules are themselves almost frictionless (and pretty easy to comply with). You get a one-time password SMS’d to you, enter it and you’re done. It always scares me when I do a transaction online in the US and it just goes through without any confirmation…

I quite enjoy being OaktownDave.

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I thought about it, but decided it just wasn’t me.

Not everyone digs Uber:

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