UC Riverside's world-class science fiction library under threat



Random thought… There are “graveyards” of aircraft, in places with low humidity, where the birds wait for being decommissioned or taken back into service. These areas have low real-estate cost and low-corrosion weather.

Can the same be achieved for books and other paper-based archives? Some makeshift long-term low-cost low-deterioration storage where the materials can wait until the political climate gets more friendly?


This is so sad.


No respect I tell ya.

Because what would be the possible value in a form of literature that literally dreams the future up?

So many ideas have shown up on the pages of SF long before someone figured out a way to make them reality.

Maybe we can replace all this “futurist” garbage with some good old historical religious fan-fiction!

In reading the article several times I don’t see many names and none at all for the person or persons apparently responsible for this dismal state of affairs. As the editor of a long-running amateur press association (30 years and counting) which has been sending a copy of each issue to the Eaton Collection for a good many years, this is a matter of considerable concern.

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